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Program for a spare parts store

Program for a spare parts store

Program for a spare parts store

Modern entrepreneurs in the field of working with auto parts have two main areas of activity: working through a physical point of sale and through an online store.

Working locally, you can cover the local segment, but by going online you can enter other markets, significantly increasing the flow of customers and profits.

Parts store software can be a reliable tool in these processes. In this article we will talk about the program for a spare parts store developed by USU.

Spare parts program

The spare parts program from USU is a modern and easily adaptable solution. It can be used by both small stores and large holdings. In this case, functions can be adapted specifically for a specific client.

The spare parts program can primarily be used for inventory management. Through USU you can create electronic catalogs for spare parts. Each item is assigned a unique number and a detailed description is entered. There is no need to limit yourself; the product can even be illustrated in the system.

When working with marketplaces, you can export information from the USU, so you will avoid filling out cards already in the online store.

Any number of warehouses can be created in the software, each containing a product range. You can assign categories to it for quick searching. For user convenience, you can move all frequently used commands to the center of the workspace. This can be done by moving the mouse.

Working in the control system, you will be able to control interactions with suppliers, receipts, expenses, movements and other important operations in the warehouse.

Program for ordering spare parts

Sales, orders, requests are an integral part of the activity.

The program for ordering spare parts from USU will help accompany the process. For example, the program can reflect any orders: through a physical or online store. In the USU, you can highlight different categories in color; this may apply to an already valid order, or only to a received application.

The program for ordering spare parts will reflect sales transactions: positions for spare parts, client, quantity, cost, and so on will be indicated. If you have third-party warehouses, you can connect integration with the USU and work in a single information field.

Spare parts program

The spare parts program will help you work with customers. It allows you to record each request. For this purpose, a client database is created in the software. You can create a detailed cooperation case for a client: personal data, purchase history, returns, and more. You can identify preferences and use this information to encourage purchases.

A parts program can be used to introduce loyalty through bonuses or discounts. This way, you will be able to attract more clients, and therefore earn more.

Working in the system according to CRM principles requires constant communication with the client. To do this, as previously said, you need to enter detailed information about them. Through the software you can launch a newsletter; for this you can use various channels: SMS, voice messages, messenger, email, and so on.

In fact, you can choose the information delivery format that is suitable for a specific client. Then you can start a newsletter or enter personalized messages.

For information support, you can also order the development of a chatbot for business.

CRM for spare parts store

The path to improving the processes of any institution begins with data analysis. CRM for a spare parts store creates the necessary conditions for this. If you watch a video review on trading on our website, you will see how many analytical tools are collected in the system.

CRM for a spare parts store will help you analyze: work with goods. For example, it will be possible to determine the best positions for sale or those that are not sold. This will help in the future to build the stocking process in accordance with demand or seasonal factors. A variety of categories can be analyzed: income, expenses, suppliers, employees, sales, and so on.

We invite you to take a closer look at our software solution. This can be done through the website. On it you will find: reviews of other program options, reviews, expert opinions, trial version.

With the Universal Accounting System, you can effectively work with sales of spare parts.

Video programs for a spare parts store

CRM system capabilities for a spare parts store

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • CRM developed by USU allows you to service the main processes of the spare parts store;
  • n the system you can build categories by spare parts;
  • or each item, you can check the availability and movement through material reports;
  • SU is suitable for supporting ordering processes;
  • RM helps in customer relationship management;
  • anagement of warehouse operations is available;
  • he system can record all store income;
  • arious integrations are available upon request;
  • he software can be programmed for notifications or reminders;
  • o get started, you can use the interactive instructions;
  • he manager will be able to keep control over the main trading processes;
  • f you have an online store, you can build internal accounting in the software;
  • hen trading on marketplaces, you can also maintain and take into account internal accounting processes, with a mirror image;
  • hen opening branches, you can conduct business on them;
  • SU – modern automation capabilities available to you.

Free download of the program for the spare parts store

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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