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Operating system: Windows
Category: Car wash software

Car wash program

Sometimes, in order to improve the efficiency of the company, it is enough to automate its work. You can automate your car wash with our car was automation system. With our software car wash automation becomes an easy task. Using our software, you can control all the processes of the company and keep track of all the financial movements easily. The car wash program enables you to keep records in a special module, where all services rendered are recorded. Car wash accounting is carried out simply. The module contains the information of when, in which time, which employee, to whom (number plate), which service and at what price rendered. Prices for services can be set up in advance. Service types, categories, prices can be customized easily. In addition, the program contains the list of employees of your organization. You can set up a percentage, that each of your washers will get for work. When will you need to accrue the salary, you can use a special report, and the program will count the amount of money you need to pay to each employee for work performed for a certain time. Car wash accounting software will allow you to record all movements of incoming and outgoing funds in the special module. When a user adds new information, he has to specify the financial item. The user creates financial items in advance. They show where the money can go or where it comes from (eg, salary, infusion of funds, etc.) The more financial items were created, the more detailed picture will be displayed in the reports on cash flow.

Our car wash software (after the data accumulation on services rendered, payments, cash flows and so on) will allow the head of the organization to generate reports that show in detail all the information about the work of carwash. Based on these data, the head of the organization will be able to improve the work of a carwash. The financial reports will help to reduce unnecessary costs. The car wash system allows you to export reports to Excel, Word, or graphics file. The user can print the report directly from the program. You can also export data from tables of accounting software. Such export is available only to users with full access rights. Our car wash management system is protected by a login and a password, so that no one from the side could not get access to your data.

Each login and password has its access rights. This is very useful if multiple users like the head of the organization and employees, work in the program and it is necessary that employees have not seen information intended only for the head of the organization. In addition, our car wash management software keeps the history of the actions of all users that worked with the program. If an employee will try to change something, or remove, accidentally or intentionally, the program will show who and what changes has made in the program.

The automated car wash supports work both local area network and via the Internet. It will link into a single database a chain of carwashes. The head of the organization in the comfort of his home or while on a business trip, and even from other countries will be able to monitor the work of the car wash. You can download the free demo version of the car wash soft from our website.

When the car wash control will be installed, you will know for sure that all processes are under your control, and you do not miss out of sight. Our car wash systems will make management easy. You will be satisfied with our car wash app!

Car wash accounting software features

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • Car wash systems support the simultaneous work of several users.
  • Access to the program of automation and control of car wash is protected by a login and password.
  • Our car wash app allows you to conduct not only an accounting of payments for the services, but also an accounting of all financial flows.
  • Car wash system accrue salary for employees.
  • Accruing salary car wash management software takes into account the price of services, the percentage of the employee’s work and the amount of work done.
  • It is possible to manage salaries for services rendered int the car car wash software .
  • Car wash management system has a search by the first letter.
  • Full control over financial flows.
  • It is possible to export reports to Excel and Word using our car wash program.
  • You can add all car washes separately.
  • On each vehicle wash you can add the payment into the software for cash wash accounting.
  • Price for each washing can be set individually.
  • Each washing is assigned to a specific washer.
  • Car wash soft has a customizable interface and supports themes.
  • Our car wash accounting software allows you to specify the name, address and contact details of the company.
  • Car wash software provides affordable automation management.
  • Car wash automation system helps to manage employees’ work.
  • Financial reports formed by car wash accounting software will help to control the finances.
  • There is plenty of additional functions of the software for car wash systems!

Purchase the car wash software

If you want to purchase software, contact us by phone, Skype or write us an email. All contact details you can find here. You can discuss all the details with our specialists and then they will prepare a contract and an invoice.

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