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Category: Supply chain management software

Order management

Orders, like any other kind of work of the company demand a special attention and accuracy in accounting. Our software for supply chain management will be a perfect solution for you. The software will help you to automate the accounting of applications, order management and order control. Your work will become fast, accurate, and most importantly systematized. This software for order management allows specifying each work with an order from the first step to the final result. One of the main advantages of the order tracking software is its small size and the ability to work with large amount of data. You can keep an accounting of clients and orders for years and find information for any period of time. Let's examine the order management system more closely. Working with the software for order fulfillment, you will see the ease of use, ease of understanding and responsive navigation. For your convenience we divided the main menu of supply chain management software into three main modules. The first is module for frequent use, where you can make an accounting of orders and applications every day. The second one is module with directories where you will fill in the database and criteria, and the connection of directories with other tables will bring automation to high-quality work results. And the third is module ‘Reports’ which is very important for both the head of the organization and employees. With all these modules, you will control the management system.

The order management software allows users to work with their personal usernames and passwords. This will keep a history of actions in the order fulfillment software. But user with restricted access only will see the information that can be edited by him.

Our software is simple and laconic, but has a big database. Therefore, working with the automated ordering system, you often will see the search box. If you see such a search box in the subcategory “Orders”, you will see the orders that are specified by your criteria. If you do not fill the search box, you will see the full data table of orders. The table has a user-friendly interface with different searchable fields. You can add a new order or if an order is similar to any other, make a copy and modify only some data.

Returning to the ease of use, adding an order you can control the management and track every stage of work on order from its preliminary stages to implementation. In other words, it will be complete management in your organization. You will be able to correct prepayment and the composition of an order. It will be possible to make reports in the form of business proposal or distribution of orders that will be implemented in the order software automatically.

In addition, you can keep a record of every detail of the order, the money, contractors and business profits. It is important to know that every action you can see relatively a certain period or the entire period of time. Also the software for order automation will help you to monitor the work of employees.

The software for order fulfillment control also enables you to keep an accounting of stock, procure, work with goods and the management of orders. This software can also conduct various types of management accounting like reports on money, customers, organization and stock. All this has an automated ordering system. To add your organization's special report, simply contact our specialist who will make the customization for you.

Automation, management, analytics and reporting, work with each client and each order individually - all this is our software. The order management program that will be a support for you in your business!

Features of order tracking management

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • Software for supply chain management has a unified customer database.
  • Software for order management keeps an archive of all the changes.
  • Order tracking software registers new applications.
  • Order management system divides applications by employees.
  • You can easily view the archive for any period of time in the order fulfillment software.
  • Supply chain management software saves any characteristics and features.
  • Automation of dispatch.
  • Order management software generates all the required documents.
  • Formation of aggregated statistical reporting.
  • Order tracking software includes the formation of the financial statements for the head of the organization.
  • Electronic control of small business.
  • Innovative computer-aided analysis of the needs of the market.
  • Automation of control of orders and applications.
  • Order fulfillment software includes an accounting of employees.
  • Automatic calculation of piecework wages according to productivity.
  • You can download a free demo version of the automated ordering system directly from the website.
  • Order software has a multilingual interface.
  • There is a possibility of interaction with warehouse accounting if the system of orders has relates to goods and materials.
  • Software for order automation generates internal applications with a shortage of goods for a customer order.
  • Software for order fulfillment control includes a detailed audit of the actions of all users.
  • Order management program has an access control to different modules.
  • Supply chain management software has plenty of additional functions.

Purchase order management software

If you want to purchase software, contact us by phone, Skype or write us an email. All contact details you can find here. You can discuss all the details with our specialists and then they will prepare a contract and an invoice.

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