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Beauty salon software

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Beauty salon - it is always profitable and popular business. Like any other organization, a beauty salon needs the correct and automated accounting. We, like no other, know what is necessary for you! Our salon soft is multiuser. Each user has his own username and password. Different access rights has a head of the organization and an administrator of a salon. The salon program contains a single client database that have ever visited a beauty salon. It greatly simplifies the search for information. If a client comes to the salon for the first time, he can be recorded in the salon database in a minute. Then, even if a client does not appear in the salon for several years, you can find the entire archive of data on him and to see all the information on the services rendered. If the client has been issued a club card, so the software for salon accounting will account bonuses. Then, an administrator can search the client by his club card’s number. Beauty salon management should take place at a high level, so it is important to keep the constant contact with the clients. Salon management systems form a special report "Remind Clients", which shall include all customers who have an appointment in the near future. This is done in order to simplify the work of the administrator and make the communication with customers much easier. In addition to the report ‘Remind Clients’ beauty salon application supports SMS and Email – mailing. Therefore, you will be able to remind the client of the appointment in such a way too. SMS function allows also notify customers about upcoming promotions, discounts, or simply congratulate them. Accounting in a beauty salon becomes easier, because beauty salon app supports a range of different reporting.

For example, there is a useful report called "Services". It allows you to identify the most demanded service in the salon, as well as less popular services. With that report you will be able to calculate your finances, invest in one or the other services provided by your salon. Hairdresser software creates a schedule of each stylist. Salon computer programs calculate payments in one click with all possible previous debts or discounts. In the software for salon control, you can register the bonus cards and accrue bonuses. It is possible to pay for services by bonuses. Studio management software allows printing of a receipt, half of which will be given to the client, and the second will be at the salon. If your beauty salon has an advertising campaign, the marketing report will show you if it is effective or not. Grouping the costs of financial items will help you to identify on what the most funds in your beauty salon are spend. In addition, you can find out the most sought after stylist in your salon. Who brings the most profit to a salon and who has the highest percentage of customer retention.

We offer a universal system of accounting for your business. You can download a demo version of the automation studio software from our website to get more information about its advanced features. Calling to our company, you can ask all your questions and our experts will gladly answer them. Remember that our beauty studio program is not standard for all organizations. It is configured individually for each organization, taking into account all the wishes and needs of the users. It turns out that at the output you get a unique beauty studio application optimized for you!

Beauty salon software

Features of hairdresser software

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • Hairdresser software firstly organizes a single customer database. The work can be conducted in the context of each client.
  • It is possible to set up individual work shifts for each professional taking into account all vacations and holidays.
  • The salon computer programs provides each employee the individual rate at piecework pay.
  • In the center of the main window of the salon app can be placed a logo of your company.
  • Salon management systems keeps a history of all visits of each customer.
  • The salon application supports the calculation of bonuses to the administrator of beauty salon.
  • The beauty salon database can store pictures and photos before visit of a beauty salon and after.
  • The software for salon accounting includes the formation of all forms and statements.
  • Materials accounting is conducted in a beauty salon by sales, and materials used in the manufacture.
  • The beauty salon program has an intuitive interface, so each user will be able to work with it.
  • You can download a free demo-version of salon soft from this page.
  • The beauty software supports the automatic writing off materials during procedures.
  • The software for beauty control allows you to coordinate the activities of the organization.
  • The beauty app can keep track of goods sold.
  • The beauty database allows automatic salary calculation to staff of beauty salon.
  • Any performance statistics for the administrator of a beauty salon.
  • The software for beauty management supports the formation of the consolidated financial statements.
  • The beauty application plans work of the enterprise in a timely manne.
  • The beauty program supports automatic control of sources of supply of goods and materials.
  • The beauty programme can monitor the work of the enterprise.
  • It is possible to specify the reasons for bonuses to each client.
  • With the help of the beauty management system it is possible to identify the most profitable customers.
  • Beauty management software includes effective monitoring of the work of beauty salons, human resources, finance and materials.
  • The beauty salon management software contains the modern automated principles of data processing services.
  • Studio management software tracks the flow of cash and non-cash prepayment.
  • The beauty studio program includes automatic tracking of debts.
  • The beauty studio application includes an automatic calculation of bonuses to the client at every payment.
  • The software for beauty studio control contains a function of sms sending and mailing.
  • The automation studio software will keep each sent email or sms.
  • The beauty studio programme can send information on current promotions, holiday greetings and birthdays, as well as reminders about upcoming visits.
  • The software for studio automation supports work with the materials in the beauty salon.
  • With this beauty studio database you can make a calculation so that the materials will be written off automatically during certain procedures.
  • Calculation is available only for those users who has the MAIN access to the software.
  • Accounting of materials can be carried out both by name, part number and bar codes using special equipment, such as a barcode scanner and label printer.
  • It is possible to view each movement of goods and materials of a beauty salon in the studio management system.
  • It is possible to have any number of financial items.
  • The beauty salon software can manage the general circulation of goods.
  • In the settings of software beauty salon you can specify the name of your organization and its details.
  • The beauty salon app supports the sale of certificates and service accounting, which is important in the beauty salon.
  • An accountant can make a calculation for each service provided in the software for beauty salon management. It means that the materials will be debited automatically.
  • The beauty salon management software has a detailed management audit.
  • You can download a free demo-version of the beauty salon program from our website.
  • When registering a client to an appointment, you can select multiple services in the beauty salon database.
  • There are plenty of additional functions.

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There are the download links down below. You can download software presentation and demo-version. However, demo-version is limited by time and functionality.

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