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Management system of manufacturing and trading companies

Professional management is vital for any manufacturing company. It is always more difficult to manufacture products than to sell them. USU Information management system can be useful for any industrial areas. You can also automate your company if it is just engaged in trading. Trade can be different: retail and wholesale, with bar codes or without them, by orders or implementation of existing product, a single store or a retail chain. We can find an ideal software configuration that takes into account all features that will bring the management of the firm on a new level. You can download the free demo-version of the trading and manufacturing process management software from our website.

Financial management of a company

Management software must include finance accounting, because the purpose of any business is to make money. The development of your company depends directly on your opportunity to analyze and account your income and expenses fast and professionally. Every aspect matters. The management software can exist in different variations and configurations. It is possible to analyze the cash flow from different perspectives. With our software, you will be sure of success of your business.

Modern management of medical facility

Health is one of the most important things in everyone’s life. To take the best care of people's health, each medical institution has to choose the management system thoroughly, as it must be fast and precise. That is why, our business management software suits ideally. Medical facility management includes careful monitoring of patients, doctors, medications and financial resources, taking into account other necessary stuff. You certainly will be satisfied with our business management software! Our software is able to work with the most sophisticated technology.

Beauty salon management systems

In today's world, companies working in the beauty industry are very popular, because the beauty is always in demand. Many people think that beauty salon managers have good money and feel good. Nevertheless, beauty salon managers face many problems. It is important for them to make right management decisions in order to outperform customers' expectations and build trust. Our activity management system will help you to solve all these problems. You can download a free demo version of beauty management software from our website. This demo-version has a limited lifespan.

Management Information Systems for Sports and Recreation

You can easily manage your sport facility or travel agency with the help of our enterprise management software. The administrative management software takes into account all features of this type of companies. Those companies will not have to adapt to program's functionality, as it is the case with other software. Company management system allows you to analyze any type of work, plan and forecast production figures.

Printing management software

Calculation of printing products is a very difficult task. Each printing company spend a lot of time and effort on that. Our software for company’s process management will help to solve this problem once and for all! Besides the automation of manager's work, enterprise management system can automate the entire technological process. It tracks order from calculations to manufacturing to completion. It is possible to download the free demo-version of print management software. This demo-version is limited to period of time.

Transport software

Our world is very big and every day all types of transport deliver goods from one city to another. The complexity of these processes is not noticeable for ordinary customers, but for logistic companies - it is a hard work. But! It is only the case in the absence of modern control USU system. Our logistics tracking software can put everything in its place and bring order to the right company. You can clearly see each application, stage of implementation and all necessary information on it. This management system can be downloaded from our website on the page of logistics management software.

Public utilities software

No matter what services provided by your company, you can increase its productivity! To do this you need to control the activities of your organization with the help of our universal accounting system. We develop modern management system for any type of activity. It is possible to develop individual management system according to customer wishes. Choose existing software or order a new product. Our business management software will reveal all the downsides of your business and increase your profit.

Safety and security

Management system for any organization

Organization management exists in different business areas, but every organization has something similar with others. Each organization sells something, whether goods or services, and therefore works with clients. Also, each organization maintains documentation. Therefore, in this section we present software that can be useful to any company. In the appropriate section you can find right management software. On our home page you can find various customer reviews on accounting and management software.

Internet technologies in organization management

Management of the modern company requires modern technologies. Quite often we face the fact that business management includes not only emailing, but also the ability to send SMS-messages directly from software. With the help of our software, modern management will get these features. Organization management may also be interested in promoting a website of the company without seeking the services of web-experts. You will control the number of visitors.

High technology for management software

Today the modern company’s management has an unique opportunity to use high technology. The face recognition system will be useful to organizations which require identification of people. It also brings organization ahead its competitors. For example, it will be useful to recognize and call every client who comes to your firm by name. To successfully manage a big business, you have to do better than your smaller competitors. If every detail of your company is taken into account, you become a leader in your business field!

Custom Software

If you didn’t find already existing software that will suit your needs, you can order customized software. Our company develops software, and we can create software for each client individually! Customer software development takes a little time because the implementation is based on the existing software platform.