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Logistics management

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In such an uneasy business as the implementation of transportation is very important the control and accountability. Our specialized logistics management software will help you with it. Logistic management will become much easier with the use of our software. The supply chain logistic management gives you the opportunity to exercise full control of transportation. With the help of our logistics management system, it will be easy to automate your business. The logistics software is equipped with defense mechanisms. They ensure the integrity of data and access control. Username and password - this is the first security mechanism, which does not give an access to third parties. Each username has its role. The role defines the rights of the user in the system. The second security mechanism is audit. You will be able to see what actions and under which user were committed. Logistics accounting is carried in the main module of the program. This module creates applications for transportation. Applications contain all the necessary data such as the description of goods, transportation, conditions, notes etc. The customer’s data are not specified. You take them from a single client database. For each request, you can make a list of required documents. You can specify the amount to pay and accept payments from the customer. Our logistics tracking software has special columns that show the amount payable and customer’s debts. Each application has a specific status (the application is accepted, lading, dispatch, delivery of cargo, etc.), it is determined by what type of work has been implemented. The logistics system sets the status of the application by itself based on the implementation of certain fields. Each status is marked by a different color of background and font, it allows you to visually determine the status of the application. Using a special menu “Reports”, the user can create required documents. They can be printed directly from a logistic system or exported to excel or word. Transportation management is located in one place, making it easier and increases the performance of the company's employees. The automated logistics systems allow you to keep an accounting of road haulage and rail transport. It is also possible to keep an accounting of freight. The program for logistics control can keep an accounting of vehicles.

It is possible to have a single client database in our program for logistics automation. Through this approach, any employee at any time can quickly get all the necessary information about the client. Also, in a single database, employees can mark what work must be done with one or another customer. Manager can distribute tasks to subordinates. Later, using a special report, an employee can view a list of things he would have to perform. Additional module “Money” enables you to record all other cash movements that are not associated with payment on applications. Here you can add lease expenses, salaries payment, cash infusion, etc.

Our logistics programs have a built-in module of carrying out a mass mailing via SMS and e-mail. There is support for creating templates. If the client does not want to receive e-mail message, then it is easy to remove that customer from the mailing list. It is enough to put a mark on the prohibition of the distribution in a single database of customers.

The logistics program creates reports that will be useful both for management and for employees. The head of the organization will be interested in analytical reports, information about the movement of funds. Reports on work with clients will be useful for employees. In addition, this program can offer other useful reports. After the formation, any report can be printed or exported to excel or word.

The software for logistic will help to improve the efficiency of your company!

Features of the logistics software

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • Logistics software creates a unified database of contractors.
  • The software for logistics management automates the preparation and control of cargo.
  • Logistic management software classifies applications by geolocation and status. The software has a list of countries and cities.
  • The supply chain logistics management includes an accounting of unlimited number of applications.
  • The software takes into account the different nuances of logistics management.
  • It is possible to add any additional functionality to the software.
  • The logistic system displays the statistics of freight, rail transport statistics, maritime statistics, and statistics of international transportation.
  • You can download a free demo-version of the logistic management software from our website.
  • The logistics system will improve the performance of employees and establish control over the couriers.
  • Logistics management system can be adapted to any kind of delivery: goods, materials, sushi, pizza and so on.
  • The logistics automated systems generate a document of delivery control that can be easily printed.
  • Вы сможете заниматься контролем работы сотрудников.
  • The logistics tracking software includes the registration of incoming and outgoing manifestos (import and export).
  • The logistics programs includes an accounting of international transportation.
  • Modern automation systems for the organization of transport logistics.
  • The software for logistics automation takes into account the transportation of any reporting period.
  • Transportation management program includes cost accounting in logistics.
  • Organization of accounting systems in logistics and control of the company.
  • The software for automated logistics manages transportation by tracking the position of transport or wagon on each station.
  • The software for logistics accounting includes management of road transport and freight management.
  • The program includes product delivery, including delivery of materials and the management of transportation process.
  • Logistics program includes several themes for the interface. Transportation software allows you to customize a design of the software for each user.
  • As a special equipment you can use label printers, barcode scanners and data terminals.
  • The logistics programs can be configured for each organization.
  • The software for automated logistics works in multiplayer mode via local network or via the Internet.
  • The software has plenty of additional function.

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