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Category: Laboratory information management system

Laboratory software

Any laboratory needs a program that is able to account analyses, forms and documents. Statistics analyses obtained on the basis of structured data will significantly affect the performance of the organization. Our company offers a system of accounting. It can be called Electronic laboratory. Laboratory software should have all the necessary components for ease of operation, so we strive to provide the most comprehensive accounting of organizations in this sphere. Having a lab, you can easily automate it with our help. Our laboratory management software allows you to make all kinds of services that require an accounting of researches. Laboratory management system makes it possible to customize all the parameters and indicators on every research. In turn, you can adjust each parameter in the details, namely to specify the rate of the index, add the preliminary list of the values of this parameter, specify a default value, which will be available immediately by entering results.

Moreover, to ensure a proper accounting, control and laboratory automation, the laboratory information management system has a database of patients. You can add any required information on each patient in that database. It is possible to assign a specific number for each patient, so you will be able to find him in the database easily. In addition, any patient can be found by the first letters of his surname.

You can start the work by recording a new patient. Next step of the lab automation you mark biofluids samplings if required, and give the number of the tube. Biofluid samplings and a number of tube can be assigned to one or several specific researches. Thereafter it is possible to get barcode of tube’s number, which then can be printed on a special label printer. Clinical laboratory management allows you to add the research results in the database and print special forms of the research with all the information on the patient, organization and results.

You can print every form you need. You can easily embed your own specialized forms of analyzes in Microsoft Word format and keep filling the research results directly in that forms right from the program for laboratory inventory management. The software for the laboratory quality management will help you with it.

Our lab management software is multiuser. There is an opportunity of centralized connection of all employees in one database, which will be located on one specific computer or server. In this case, it is possible to customize the lab software, so each employee will work only in that part of the laboratory system to which he relates.

With our lims software it will be much easier to deal with the management of your laboratory. Laboratory automation systems – it is key to better productivity!

Features of laboratory software

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • Laboratory software groups data by various criteria.
  • It is easier to store and search for information in the electronic accounting system.
  • Laboratory information management system has a user access сontrol to different software modules, i.e., each employee sees only the information that he needs.
  • Laboratory management software has an accounting of researches for any period of time.
  • Lab management software has a unified customer database.
  • The software for laboratory automation fills in the registry automatically.
  • The software for lab automation enters the lab results automatically.
  • Accounting of laboratory testing on each physician and laboratory and assistant.
  • Laboratory management system has an access control for each user.
  • The software for lab automation allows you to set any type of research.
  • Laboratory management system has an accounting of goods and materials.
  • Lab software includes stock accounting of medications.
  • Laboratory quality management sends notifications to patients about the readiness of their tests.
  • You can download a free demo-version of the laboratory automation systems.
  • Laboratory tests are stored in the program for years, so they can be easily found in the archive.
  • Automatic writing off of materials during procedures.
  • Laboratory management software prints form on any research.
  • Clinical laboratory management has a statistical analysis software module.
  • Accounting of personnel in a medical laboratory, the calculation of piecework wages.
  • Lab program can generate reports on the employee.
  • The laboratory inventory management includes a detailed audit of the actions of all users.
  • Laboratory software can be customized for each user.
  • Laboratory software has plenty of additional functions.

Download the laboratory software

There are the download links down below. You can download software presentation and demo-version. However, demo-version is limited by time and functionality.

Purchase the laboratory software

If you want to purchase software, contact us by phone, Skype or write us an email. All contact details you can find here. You can discuss all the details with our specialists and then they will prepare a contract and an invoice.

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