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Program for an anti-cafe

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In the field of public catering, automation tendencies are more and more common, when the structure is able to allocate resources pointwise, work with unified and analytical reporting, and build clear mechanisms for interaction with the staff of the institution. The program for anti-cafe focuses on information support, where for each accounting position you can get an exhaustive amount of information, perform production analysis, monitor relationships with customers and visitors, and implement loyalty programs.

On the website of the Universal Accounting System (USU.kz), several software solutions have been released at once for the standards and requirements of the catering sector, including a control program for anti-cafe. It is reliable, efficient, and takes into account the specifics and format of the establishment. It will not be difficult for the staff to use the program on a daily basis in order to comfortably manage the client base, track anti-cafe resources and current trading processes, engage in detailed production analysis, and form a company\'s development strategy for the future.

The production control program for anti-cafe takes into account the fundamental principle of hourly pay, which does not exclude the use of customers\' club cards, both personal and general. There are catalogs and reference books for rental positions. These can be bicycles, game consoles, tablets, etc. It all depends on the specifics of the institution. The advantage of the program in this aspect is that it automatically tracks return dates. Guests will not be left without their favorite devices, games and entertainment.

It\'s no secret that the program automatically keeps track of visits. Users have access to digital archives and statistical summaries of anti-cafe attendance for a certain period of time. The same calculations can be obtained for specific visitors to the establishment. Sales control is implemented in a special interface, where it is easy to study the current production characteristics of the company, see financial results, tighten up weak positions and get rid of costs. There are all the necessary tools and subsystems.

Do not forget about the module of targeted SMS-mailing. The program allows you to take control of the key communication channel with anti-cafe visitors, inform guests about the need to pay for time or services, share advertising information, and remind you about the terms of return of rental positions. The configuration tries to improve the production performance of the facility, simplify routine operations, and avoid system failures that could disrupt the work rhythm. The basic version of the system includes operations of the warehouse and financial spectrum.

Public catering knows perfectly the tasks and principles of the automation program. It doesn\'t matter whether we are talking about an anti-cafe format or a more familiar, classic management method. The priority of control is the customer base, which determines the opportunities to improve the service and attract new customers. Certain software support options are offered on request only. For example, a completely new planner, which will allow you to plan in detail, step by step, the activities of the structure for a future period of time. Another additional feature is data backup.

The configuration takes over the key points of the organization and management of the anti-cafe, monitors the distribution of resources, prepares analytical and unified reports.

It is easy to set the program settings at your discretion in order to comfortably work with the client base, collect the necessary information and characteristics for visitors.

A detailed production analysis will take only a few seconds, which exceeds the capabilities of the human factor.

Visits are monitored automatically. The use of club cards (general and personal) for the identification of guests is not excluded.

The program provides for the maintenance of digital archives in order to raise statistical summaries for a certain time, study indicators, correct shortcomings and build a development strategy for the future.

All anti-cafe sales are available in a visual form. The information is updated dynamically.

Control over rental positions is also part of the digital support functional spectrum, where bicycles, game consoles, board games, etc. can be conveniently cataloged.

Configuration seeks to improve the performance of the catering structure, including increasing the productivity of operations and the productivity of staff members.

There is no reason to dwell on the basic design option when the project can be developed to order.

The program provides for the use of the latest warehouse and trade devices, digital displays, and specialized equipment. All devices are connected additionally.

If the current indicators of anti-cafe are far from ideal, an outflow of the client base is registered, then the software intelligence will warn about this.

In general, the control will become much more understandable and convenient. A multi-user mode of operation is provided.

Users will not have to pore over production documentation for a long time, recheck warehouse operations, and collect fresh analytical data for a long time. These functions can be delegated to the application.

The release of the original turnkey product involves some technological changes, the integration of external equipment, the installation of extensions and additional options.

It\'s worth trying out the free demo to get familiar with the project and practice a little.

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