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Category: Security control software

Security company

To conduct an effective and high-quality accounting of the organizations, you should take certain measures. One of the measures is the introduction of a special automated accounting system, which will monitor all movements of your organization. Automation is a serious process. Organizations that provide security services are not an exception, because the security company accounting requires a special attention and protection of objects is a very complicated process. Our company offers you to automate the performance of the security company with our accounting system. The security company software allows you to conduct quality security control, take into account all its activities. It is ideal for companies specializing in security services. Security services software will allow you to automate the customers database. Any required information on the customer can be added. The customer’s database is able to find the right customer; we just need to type the first letter of his name. You can enter his name, contact details, address and any additional information about the client.

The program for a security company management has the ability to track applications for maintaining protection of various objects that will bring the management of security organizations to a new level. That objects can be any territory, a building complex, people, etc. You can add this information in the application. Each application is linked to a particular customer and registered on a specific date. Applications may be long-term, therefore you can indicate the date of work completing. In addition, we specify which services will be provided on the application and at what price. On the basis of these data you form the amount that the customer must pay for the work. This amount can be separated, so it is possible to make the part payment for different dates. In this case, you can keep track of which application has already been paid, for which application has been made a prepayment, as well as all the debts at the request of unpaid or partially paid applications. Security company software takes into account another important detail - it is tracking the employees’s work or in other words security accounting. It is possible to carry out proper security guard control, control of each object. In addition, you can specify who works with it, thereby making it possible to see which employee will soon be free, which is now free, and which have enough wok to do.

Security management makes it possible to keep a log of security accounting, that is, there is a special module for tracking offenders. It is a database where all the information about such people is stored. This may be identification data, and other contact details. There is a possibility to attach a person’s photo. Moreover, his status is monitored, the date of the first arrest, subsequent detentions, if he has any.

Our accounting system for Security Company is a professional and multi-user software. All members of Security Company can work in the database simultaneously, and each may have its own specific login and password. Different users can do different functions, so there is a division on roles that allow you to customize access rights to various directories and modules. The main user who has full rights in the security firm software could adjusts the program, edit services of a security company, as well as change any information at any time by himself.

Each module of the security company program has a set of features for the convenience of working with data. You can specify sorting of records by any field in ascending or descending order. If you need to see the data that meet certain criteria only, you can set filter on any of the fields (one field or several). Another handy feature – is a setting of fields display in any convenient manner with the ability to hide the fields that do not need to be displayed.

The program for security management control will be very effective and easy to use!

Features of security management software

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • Personnel security management of the organization.
  • Accounting of security services of a company.
  • Accounting for all financial income and expenditure of a security company.
  • Automation of a security control of every security company.
  • Security company software has a list of services and prices in a unified database.
  • You can download the software for security accounting from this webpage.
  • The software for security company management has an access control to different modules.
  • Security services software has plenty of management reports for the head of the organization.
  • Searching and sorting of data according to different criteria are organized very easily.
  • The software for security management control has plenty of additional functions.

Purchase the security management software

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