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Law firm management

If there is no special software, each organization eventually faces the challenge of keeping records and automation of its work. Documents, contracts and other data are piling up. As a result, it is difficult to find the need papers. Everything requires automation. Our company offers you to automate the process of accounting and, in particular, offers the law practice management software to lead a law accounting. The software for law firm management will take into account all aspects of the company and organize the right law management, because the law firm software should be flexible and easy to use. The law software can even establish the Prosecutor’s Office management. Also we would like to recommend our lawyer software. Our software for lawyers keeps all customers details in one organized place. You will be able to enter any information about the client that is necessary for work. Thus, no matter how much customers are recorded in the database, you can always find the right name by typing the first letters of a name on the keyboard. The same search can be performed by a customer’s telephone number. Law firm management software will enable to keep records of the sources of information, that is, to keep track of the information like which client and where he learned about the organization. Later it will be possible to know the most effective type of advertising. Law firm accounting software allows you to keep an accounting of legal documents.

The general work in the software consists of accounting of customers’ orders and cases. You can actually track the data, from whom and when it was received. You can even specify the deadline if necessary. You can specify the types of work implemented in the law firm case management software. It is automatically calculates the payment amount and then register it as the full payment or prepayment. It also allows you to monitor debtors. In the software each order can have its own status (received, in process, completed). In the list it is displayed in different colors. It is possible to give orders to different employees, thereby tracking their employment. In addition, it is possible to calculate the amount of money for each employee. Another good opportunity - is the attachment of any number of electronic files and documents to any order. You can attach files as links to the local computer or server, or add ot directly to the database. It will allow you to open and save any documents.

The law firm practice management software has the extended financial accounting. All payments are recorded in a special financial article. This financial article shows the payment, whether it is income or expense. Apart from the fact that the law practice software notes payment from customers, there is also an option to register all other payments, whether it is an expense or income of funds. There is a special module for this purpose. When you add a new item to the database, the jurist system indicates the date of payment, income, expense and the movement of funds, financial article and the amount of payment. The software for law firm automation will allow to track where the most funds are spent, and in general, how the income from the activity of the company covers all expenses. It will evaluate the profits for a certain period of work.

All the information like the list of services, pricing, payment methods, types of financial entries and other things users of the program can set and modify independently at any time. All the information is kept in special directories.

Each user of the software can have his login and personal rights. It means that he can see and change only certain data in the law firm management system.

Features of law firm software

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • Law practice management software contains all the necessary information on employees and clients of the organization.
  • Law firm management software has a quick search of any client.
  • Law firm software has data filtering by various criteria.
  • Law software simplifies the accounting of cases and organizes them.
  • Lawyer software can automatically fill out the necessary documents.
  • Law practice management software classifies documents on customers and applications.
  • There is a legal control on any application.
  • Software for lawyers displays an employee who works with each specific application.
  • Law firm management software can record each work with customers.
  • Law firm accounting software can plan business and affairs for the future period.
  • Law firm case management software works on the principle of CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
  • Law firm practice management software can mark the existence of certain documents.
  • There can be management of documents and files.
  • Law practice software can keep not only the documents, but also links to them as well.
  • Jurist system keeps an accounting of each employee of the company.
  • Law firm management system performs various calculations.
  • The software for law firm automation displays the list of debtors.
  • Law practice management software can account for both cash and non-cash payments.
  • You can download a free demo-version of the law firm management software.
  • Law firm software may generate the necessary reports.
  • It is possible to create certificates of completion in the law software.
  • Lawyer software is very easy to use. It case user-friendly interface.
  • Software for law practice management simplifies and rationalizes work of law firm.
  • Software for lawyers has a complex accounting of legal documentation.
  • Law firm management software has a multi-control of all areas of work.
  • Law firm accounting software automatically calculates the cost of consultations and counts the number of services provided for any period.
  • Law firm case management software helps to establish control of legal services provided to clients.
  • Several users can work in the law firm practice management software simultaneously.
  • Law practice software can work via the local network of the organization.
  • Jurist system also works via Internet.
  • Law firm management system has plenty of additional functions.

Purchase the law practice management software

If you want to purchase software, contact us by phone, Skype or write us an email. All contact details you can find here. You can discuss all the details with our specialists and then they will prepare a contract and an invoice.

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