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Control of work time

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For entrepreneurs, in addition to creating comfortable working conditions and competent selection of specialists, it is important to organize effective control over their activities so as not to translate it into a total plane when employees have a fear of making a mistake, thereby reducing motivation, in this matter a time tracking program could become essential help. Electronic algorithms are able to provide an efficient mechanism for recording actions and hours spent, making processes parallel to other tasks assigned to the software. Automation has become a natural continuation and indispensable factor in the successful conduct of business in the company, replacing the standard control methods, which in most cases are not able to provide reliable information, or with the participation of a significant amount of resources. The modern rhythm of life and, accordingly, of the economy does not allow an irrational approach to spending finances and labor, otherwise you should not wait for the planned results. In addition to the obvious needs for innovation in management, entrepreneurs are faced with a remote collaboration format, when all work is done remotely, without the possibility of visual contact with subordinates. The lack of real interaction and the implementation of projects via a computer from home has become a significant problem for many leaders. It is impossible to check how the working time is spent, whether the specialist is not distracted by extraneous matters if you use outdated monitoring methods. But, if specialized software is involved in accounting, then there will be no difficulties with these issues, since electronic algorithms are able to systematize the approach to management, take over the processing and storage of relevant information, which serves as the main source for assessing the productivity and productivity of personnel. Of course, a wide variety of programs that are presented on the Internet will allow you to choose a suitable solution, but this can take months, since each developer offers certain directions, someone focuses on functionality, someone is interested in ease of use, but finding the perfect option almost unrealistic. Therefore, when choosing a program for recording time at a computer in real time, one should attract software that can adapt to client\'s requests in order to be sure of getting the expected result.

The computer time tracking software in real time is made using modern technologies. These are the very capabilities of the "Universal Accounting System", which is the result of the work of a team of professionals who understand the needs of the business. Our company has been present on the information technology market for many years and has been able to win the trust of hundreds of organizations from different fields of activity. Extensive experience and applied individual approach to automation allow us to offer the customer exactly the system they need, with real problems and tasks. The flexibility of the interface allows you to choose a set of functions that suits the current needs of the organization, change it over time to meet new conditions, by applying for an upgrade. Specialists will form and test a ready-made platform, which will help to get high-quality software adapted to a real workspace, where you can start active use from the first days. The development will effectively cope with the management of remote workers, for them the tracking module is being implemented on computers. At the moment the device is turned on, the configuration starts working, but not only monitoring the use of time resources, but also the actions of users, comparing them with the configured process algorithms, fixing any violations. The software for time tracking at the computer in real time USU, with all its functionality, remains easy to understand and learn, even for beginners, which makes it possible to involve all personnel in the software. Developers will help to understand the purpose of the options, the structure of the modules and the benefits of using them by organizing a distance learning course, which will take several hours, which is incomparably less than when implementing other programs. You will not have to incur additional financial expenses for upgrading computers or paying a monthly fee, only licenses are purchased by the number of users, the hours of work of specialists. Flexible pricing policy makes it possible to automate accounting both for small companies with small staff and large business players with a wide geography of branches. In order not to take our word for it and be convinced by our own experience of the effectiveness of using the described functions, a free demo version of the software is provided, it is limited in terms of use, but this is enough to assess the main parameters.

The USU time tracking software has every mechanism for organizing processes thought out, taking into account the individual characteristics of the industry, so employees will not be tempted to skip an important step. Eliminating the influence of the human factor contributes to putting things in order in the workflow, timely preparation of projects, according to the electronic plan. Managers will set tasks through the calendar, identify performers, and they, in turn, will receive notifications about a new task. The system will ensure that the subordinate starts and completes the operation on time, displaying preliminary reminders. Using the program on an ongoing basis, you will be able to receive accurate information on the activities of employees, by generating the necessary reports, statistics and activity graphs. The time tracking software contains a tracking module that will track actions in real time, dividing them into those related to direct responsibilities and outsiders, which will allow you to evaluate productivity, conduct analytics, and identify leaders. Screenshots of users\' computers are taken with a frequency of a minute, so the manager will be able to check their employment, applications, documents at any time. Often it becomes necessary to restrict access to websites, social networks or entertainment software in order to exclude the possibility of irrational waste of the working day; for these purposes, a prohibited list is formed in the program, which can be easily corrected and supplemented. In addition to organizing effective control of activities for managers, the development will be indispensable for the users themselves, because they will gain access to up-to-date information, contact information, organize interaction with colleagues to resolve common issues, exchange documentation. The program provides for the differentiation of access rights for subordinates, regulated by management based on the position held, this will not only create comfortable conditions for performing tasks, where nothing distracts, but also protects confidential information. In turn, for our part, we guarantee quality and support on all issues, the willingness to create a unique software configuration by adding options for client requests.

The Universal Accounting System has a number of undeniable advantages that will become a priority when choosing an automation tool as the main source of accurate information about the actions of employees in the office and at a distance.

A preliminary study of the peculiarities of doing business and building departments in the customer\'s company will help to develop a technical specification, which will reflect even minor nuances that are important for an integrated approach.

Electronic format includes not only monitoring, but also calculations, document flow and interaction of personnel, data storage, because this is the only way to count on high results.

The short term from implementation to mastering became possible due to the well thought-out structure of the menu, modules, the absence of unnecessary professional terminology and the presence of tooltips to help users.

Regardless of the previous level of training and experience with such software, training will take place in a couple of hours, during which employees will learn the basic functions, understand the benefits of using them.

The absence of significant requirements for the system parameters of computers on which the platform will be installed will significantly save money for upgrading equipment.

Control over real processes is carried out using electronic algorithms, templates and formulas, they can be adjusted at your discretion, without the help of specialists, if you have the appropriate access rights.

Time tracking software includes separation of access rights. All employees of the organization will be able to use it, but each within the framework of official powers, while maintaining a high speed of operations, due to the presence of a multi-user mode.

The managers will have unlimited rights, so they will be able to dispose of the zone of visibility of data and functions for subordinates, taking into account the current projects in the company, or when one of the specialists is promoted in position.

The system will notify of any violations, and also highlight in red the account of someone who has been inactive for a long period, thereby drawing attention to explaining the reasons for such behavior.

Analytical tools will help you compare charts and statistics by day, month, between employees or departments, which is important in assessing productivity indicators, developing a new business strategy.

A computer time tracking program in real time builds reports on absenteeism and work performed. Financial, management, analytical reporting, generated by the application according to the configured parameters and with the required frequency, will become the basis for entrepreneurs to assess and develop an effective work plan for the future.

The time tracking software can be used for remote work. The remote format for the implementation and settings of the software configuration makes it possible to automate foreign companies, the list of countries for cooperation and contacts are located on the official USU website.

The study of user reviews allows you to evaluate the upcoming changes and their impact on different aspects of the business organization, therefore we recommend visiting the corresponding section of the site.

Determining the cost of an automation project depends on the selected specifics, the range of tasks and the functional content of the interface, so the basic version of the software is quite accessible to novice businessmen, and more complex mechanisms are useful for multi-level systems.

We were able to tell only about some of the advantages and prospects that our accounting system opens, to learn about other tools and personally verify the simplicity of building the interface, the presentation and video review located on the page will help.

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