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Operating system: Windows
Category: Repair management

Repair management software

Our software is designed specifically for the automation of companies specializing in the repair. Repair center automation will increase the productivity of the service center. The maintenance management software allows you to keep an accounting of incoming requests, distribute the work of the employees, keep records of supplies, take payment for the work, and so on. The main module keeps an accounting of a repair. Computerized maintenance management system controls repair at all stages. The client manager records the customer’s appeal, creates an application in which all the description of a thing and its malfunctions are recorded. The data of the customer are entered into the database, and also displayed in the application. Registering applications client manager can generate and print a receipt directly from the repair management software. In addition, you can attach a photo of a thing that was given for repair. Servicemen, when working on the application, may note what type of work and they have done and its result. When an application is ready, you can contact the customer, by finding his contacts in a unified customer database. Moreover, the repair software can keep an accounting of consumption of materials and spare parts for each application. Calculating the total sum, you can mark each type of the work, what to include in an invoice for payment, and what not. Individual price lists can be chosen. When a thing is ready for issuing, the payment for the repair can be recorder in the repair system. This module is similar to the journal of the repair accounting. In addition, our repair tracking software allows you to keep an accounting of warranty repair. All these functions will help you with the repair management.

The prices for the services of each serviceman can be set up. Setting of the interest rates is individual and very flexible. Later, using a special payroll report, repair management software can calculate how much each employee has earned for the selected period of time. The repair app will show the detailed information about the works that have been done, and money for each serviceman. A special module allows you to keep records spare parts and materials. It is possible to record the flow of materials and write-off items. In each case of write-off it is possible to generate and print an invoice from our repair center software. Also this module allows you to fix payment to suppliers. In addition, all other expenses not related to the repair and supply of materials, can also be recorded in the program for repair control. And then you’ll be able to get full details of cash flows. Our repair computer program supports various currencies, various forms of payment cash or bank. The reporting will show to the head of the organization the efficiency of the repairing shop, get an analysis of service. Through the financial statements, the head of the organization will be able to see all the cash flows, and on the basis of these data he will be able to optimize them and reduce unnecessary expenses to a minimum. Reports on stock will help to assess the remains on stock and will control the flow of materials and spare parts.

Our repair soft has a number of special protective mechanisms to ensure data integrity, as well as user access to data. Access to cmms can be restricted by a login and password. Without login and password you cannot enter the program. A role specified when entering the soft determines what a user can see in the system. And with the help of an audit you can always see who and what has changed in the database of the software.

You can download a free demo mode of the software for repair center management from our website. Our software will increase the productivity of your company.

The automation of services will have a positive impact on the attitude of your customers!

Features of repair management

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • CMMS will organize a single database of customers.
  • Computerized maintenance management system keeps an archive of all applications.
  • The maintenance management software provides a quick search of the necessary applications.
  • Computerized maintenance management system filters requests by any characteristics: the date of receipt, type of work, etc.
  • The repair management software allows you to distribute all incoming requests and applications.
  • The repair management system gives statistics on the work of each expert.
  • Repair software – is an accounting software of repair of equipment, computers, appliances, etc.
  • Automatic payroll calculation to employees at piecework wages, the incentive system.
  • The repair system supports the strategic management of service organizations.
  • Automation of customer service can also register all the facts of payment.
  • The repair tracking software may include information planning of further activities of the service center.
  • The repair app contains a register of repairs that provides proper control of repair.
  • The repair center software is an electronic accounting and statistics in the field of service.
  • The software for repair control will adjust an accounting of current or warranty repair.
  • Computer automation of service centers at any level.
  • Modern automation of Information Technology.
  • The repair computer program supports automatic management of enterprise resource planning.
  • Repair soft records payments in cash and non-cash form.
  • The software for repair center management allows you to create any consolidated financial statements for the organization profitability.
  • Automation of technical work processes of the service center.
  • CMMS carries out a comparative description of units, identifies the most income employee.
  • Maintenance management software provides an analysis of service.
  • Computerized maintenance management system accounts the usage of different materials for repair.
  • The software for the repair management supports the stock control and allows you to keep a log of the transmission, consumption and balances on any day.
  • The repair management system includes management tools and detailed audit of the actions of all users.
  • The repair software has a user access control to different software modules.
  • The repair tracking software has plenty of additional functions.

Purchase the repair management software

If you want to purchase software, contact us by phone, Skype or write us an email. All contact details you can find here. You can discuss all the details with our specialists and then they will prepare a contract and an invoice.

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