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Operating system: Windows
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Document management

If you are a responsible head of the organization, you thought about the competent accounting. Document management is an important part of good organization. Our document management system is a comprehensive solution for the implementation of automation of your documents. Document system has a great functionality and a list of tools. Due to the fact that each record keeping in different institutions is carried out in different ways, we are ready to set up the document control software individually for you. Our system will help you to organize archive. You can keep all documents and links to them in the database. The advantage of document management software is a quick search. You can search the information using any field. Nevertheless, that's not all search features. Working with the program for document control you can work not only with the entire database, but also work with a special search box, find documents by a certain time, or by employees, customers, and even by the date of signature. No more losses and difficulties in finding the right document! Your document management and contract management will become centralized.

Document control system can be used not only as a data archive and storage of documents, but also as a program for the implementation of document flow. With this database you can follow the history of a document from creation. You will be able to see who worked with the document. At what stage it is now.

Another advantage of the program of document analysis is the systematization and orderliness of all documents. It creates a classified system of electronic documents.

With our program of document automation software, you can forget about the document boxes. You will be able to find a proper document in a few seconds.

With the help of documents app you can divide all documents into categories and subcategories; divide them by department and employees. You can display a report on document flow.

Why do we need the document software? The answer is simple: people make mistakes. We need to reduce the number of mistakes in record keeping. Now, with the help of documents app, it will be very difficult to lose a document. The program of document statistics allows you to create a notification by which the program will remind you of any problems.

What else is there in the program for document database? Automated system of information adding, smart fields (they remember entered information) and so on.

Call or write us and get all the needed information about the Documents App.

The document database software - effectively, quickly and automatically!

Features of document management software

  • The document management system has a single customer database.
  • It is possible to add all documents and contracts to a specific counterparty.
  • It is possible to add any additional features to the document management software.
  • The software for document control establishes the accounting of documents.
  • The software for document management has a function of storage of all documents and the possibility of filter by any criteria.
  • The software for document analysis provides a quick search of required files.
  • Document control software includes an accounting of financial documents.
  • The software for document database provides document control, storage and accounting of orders.
  • Document analysis and document control. Management automation.
  • Contemporary data processing automation for working with documents.
  • Automated information system of accounting of documents and contracts.
  • Automation of workplace of each employee.
  • Management planning of further activities of the organization.
  • The document app, if necessary, automatically fills in any forms and statements.
  • The document control system provides the data export in a variety of supported formats.
  • The software for document automation contains a summary and statistical reports.
  • You can download a free demo-version of the document software.
  • The program provides the formation of any financial statements at the request of the company's management.
  • The document automation software includes a detailed audit of the actions of all users.
  • The document system has a user access control to different software modules.
  • The document database software has a variety of additional functions.

Purchase the document management system

If you want to purchase software, contact us by phone, Skype or write us an email. All contact details you can find here. You can discuss all the details with our specialists and then they will prepare a contract and an invoice.

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