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Accounting equipment

Commercial equipment and storage equipment are assistants in small and large businesses. An automated equipment for trade is an interesting solution. Our equipment management software supports different types of commercial equipment from the barcode scanner to POS – terminals. A firm that uses commercial equipment urgently needs such automation. Let's look at the main helpers to automate your business, using our equipment tracking software. The most common and certainly convenient thing to reduce the time spent on searching for information or actions related to the management, control and accounting, is a barcode- scanner. Different types and models of scanners can operate with our barcode scanner software. You can perform a quick search in the barcode software to work with inventory and different types of cards. Once the barcode scanner app determines the number of bar code, it immediately displays all the data related to it. Barcode scanner is easy because of its mobility and speed.

Data collection terminal is another fairly easy commercial equipment to improve the performance of the organization. The software for equipment automation will help your organization to achieve more spending less time on cash register accounting. Terminal for data collection will help to implement an automation, for such a process as the receiving of goods or their movement in departments and warehouses.

Check printing is very important for organizations related to the trade. Therefore, it is important to keep your own receipt printer.The program for equipment accounting can set up printing individually for each organization. You can add a logo and details of your company, and a name of a seller.

Another interesting application related to the automation of commercial equipment is receipt printer, because if you are involved in the release of your own products, or you want to keep a record through personal bar codes, you will certainly need label and receipt printing. The label printer software will help you to set up printing of labels, receipts, and price tags. You can use it in different spheres of business, whether it is the production of goods or dry cleaning, where the accounting with barcodes is needed.

Another trend of automation is a POS – terminal. For workplace automation - it is a modern and perfect solution. Our system for pos-terminals will allow working with the commercial equipment, establishing a system of management, control and accounting. It will help you to earn customer base. All this is by automating the trading equipment with our equipment management system.

Our equipment app allows you to weigh goods with entering data into the program without manual weighing. Now you can control the residues, sales, accounting of goods and accounting of equipment.

One of the important thing in the automation of trade spheres is a cash drawer. With the help of our barcode scanner program, you can account funds, manage your company and have an equipment control.Cash drawer together with POS - terminals, barcode scanner and software for equipment - is fully equipped and automated trading place for your employee.

Use an automation at full capacity with our software!

Features of equipment management

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • With the help of barcode scanner app, you will work much more easily.
  • You will be able to keep an accounting of bar codes instead of Items.
  • The barcode software will automatically generate the required reports.
  • It is possible to keep an accounting of actual residues in stock.
  • Automation of business processes will be implemented by the separation of powers.
  • Each user will see only the functionality for which he is responsible.
  • Electronic trading equipment includes bar code scanners and data terminals.
  • Electronic equipment for stores may include the receipt printer.
  • Commercial equipment for clothing stores may include label printer.
  • Automation of production allows you to use a variety of equipment, not only for the accounting of goods, but also for employees and customers.

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