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The rating is 4.8 according to 80 companies
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Operating system: Windows
Category: Investment accounting

Program for micro financial organizations

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The topic of financing any organization is a multi-level system consisting of economic and monetary relations that arise as a result of capital turnover, spending of budgetary funds, and the general state of affairs. The development of market relations around the world has led to a sharp increase in the need to use the services of credit companies, as loans help to help in business development. But the greater the demand for loans, and the more difficult it is to maintain registration and record all operations for granting loans. It is the correct and timely control of the activities of microfinance institutions (MFIs) that helps the management to have an up-to-date picture of the state of affairs, make competent decisions in the field of management and rationally redistribute finances. It is much easier to organize such accounting, using the means of modern computer technologies, which will lead to the automation of every step. They will provide current data online. The MFIs management program becomes an indispensable tool of carrying out all the technical and material processes inherent in the activities of organizations specializing in lending the organization.

Despite the presence of many electronic systems when the query “computer program of MFIs accounting” is entered into the browser, not all of them are able to fully resolve the emerging issues. Judging by the reviews, most of them simply represent a platform of storing data, and if there is additional functionality, then it is difficult to understand and requires lengthy training. Also, based on the reviews, the most popular configuration today is the USU-Soft system, which was created in the likeness of 1C, and has a similar functionality. We went further and created the USU-Soft program of MFIs accounting, which is productive for microfinance transactions and easy to operate. Employees are able to do their job from day one. Our USU-Soft application takes control over financial flows, creates an online format for creating the necessary documentation, registering all kinds of data. The program of MFIs accounting keeps records of all clients, automatically calculates the amount for payments, and prepares loan repayment schedules. In this case, all receipts of funds are displayed in a common database. In parallel, the balance is determined. We have provided for the possibility of resolving disputable situations when working with borrowers, incoming claims are recorded, tied to a specific applicant's card, which will significantly improve the quality of service, and therefore increase the number of loans issued.

The USU-Soft program of order and control in the MFIs in the current online format provides the management with documentation on management, tax and operational accounting in accordance with all the norms and standards applicable to credit institutions. The implemented program of MFIs management, reviews of which can be read in the appropriate section of the site, forms a single register of applicants, which will help to track loans online in time, preparing regulated reporting. Our system was developed in accordance with the standards inherent in the microcredit industry and adopted legislation. Besides, the primary data are registered automatically, removing these tasks from the staff. Our specialists are engaged in the implementation of the USU-Soft program of order establishments in MFIs. The process itself takes place remotely, without interrupting the current order of affairs. The interface of the computer software is a certain set of functions that can completely solve the emerging issues of managing accounting processes that arise during the operation of an organization. You can also customize the appearance of the menu for each user, especially since there is plenty to choose from (more than fifty options for design).

It is as easy as shelling pears to manage an online computer program for MFIs, since the structured distribution of data is thought out, even a beginner can handle it. According to our customers, employees were able to start successful operation from the first day. The application menu consists of three sections, each of which is responsible for its own tasks. So Reference books are necessary in registration and storage of information, lists of applicants and employees, setting up algorithms, which are then used to calculate online credit risks. We have improved the format of the CRM system. A separate card is created for clients, including contact information, scans of documents, history of applications and loans issued. The \"Modules\" section is the most active of the three, where users perform online transactions, register new clients in a matter of seconds, calculate possible loan amounts and prepare documents and print them out.

The reviews about the program of MFIs management are not difficult to read on the Internet, and then our system is easier to manage and find information. You can customize the classification by applicants, and if necessary, divide them into groups. The credit database contains the entire history from the very beginning of the company's activity. Differentiation of status by color helps them to conveniently differentiate and find problem ones with debts. In the short version, the database line contains information on the client, the amount issued, the date of approval and completion of the contract. More details are available online by clicking on a specific position. Documentation templates can be imported from other programs, or new ones can be created based on the requirements and wishes of the customer. We have thought out a function to control the return of finances on time. The notification option does not allow you to miss the moment when you need to make an important call and send the document on time. Sorting and filtering in the USU-Soft registration program helps you to select loans that require close attention or other actions.

The USU-Soft online computer system increases the level of business manageability, thanks to the creation of a single data flow and clear regulation of user work, as evidenced by the many reviews of our customers. In addition, we have thought out a centralized storage and backup of data in case of force majeure situations with equipment. If your organization has several branches, then with the help of the MFIs program it is easy to create a common network that will work through online means. Without a reliable assistant in the form of an electronic platform, a company usually has a mess with information, when somewhere there is not enough, and somewhere there are extra copies. The registration of which has already taken place earlier, which means that part of the flows will be lost. The USU-Soft program is able to ensure the safe and reliable operation of MFIs, monitoring the work of employees. Many positive reviews will highlight other benefits that customers have received after implementing the USU-Soft computing platform. Our extensive experience in the development of modern MFIs automation programs in various business areas, continuous training of programmers, allows us to offer you the best options for automated systems and reliable solutions for online business. In the program for MFIs, reviews about it are easy to find on the Internet, mechanisms of protection against all kinds of risks are built, thereby eliminating the need for management to solve technical problems.

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