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Country availability: Open to all countries
Operating system: Windows
Category: Pharmacy management system

Program for accounting for apartment rentals

Program for accounting for apartment rentals

Program for accounting for apartment rentals

The program for accounting for apartment rentals is an integrated approach to automated work. The programs are designed for daily automation of business processes for the provision of real estate services. Renting apartments involves both daily and monthly provision of objects. Thanks to the program, it is possible to easily and quickly display information on all real estate properties, analyze demand and income. The highest quality and automated program is from the company “Universal Accounting System”. The program easily displays data on apartments, clients, and employees. For the convenience of users who will use the program for accounting for apartment rentals, it is possible to create a personal account with a login and password for individual login and protection of confidential information. All objects will be classified according to certain criteria (location, square footage, cost, etc.). Through the internal local network, users of all branches will be able to exchange information data, speeding up work processes. The program allows you not only to systematize information, but also to track data on rental properties, assessing the general condition, reserving and monitoring the status of deposits and payments for daily, monthly or annual rental of apartments.

Apartment rental management

Managing apartment rentals will become as comfortable and fast as possible with the “Universal Accounting System” program. The apartment rental management program allows you to quickly make reservations with customer information reflected. For short-term or long-term rental of apartments, it is necessary to draw up contracts. The formation of contracts, acts of acceptance and delivery of objects, reports will be an automatic process if electronic templates are available; documentation and reporting will be generated in any format. Prompt filling of details is performed when importing data from any media. To improve service for foreign clients, it is possible to configure the language panel. By reflecting the cost of hourly or monthly, annual rental of apartments, it is possible to automatically calculate the cost, accepting payments in cash and non-cash form. The program conveniently displays information on prepayment and full payment, automatically sending reminder messages to clients. The software is convenient for realtors to quickly navigate through existing properties by entering the necessary search criteria into a contextual search engine and quickly obtaining up-to-date information.

CRM system for apartment rentals

A comprehensive CRM system for apartment rentals is a convenient format for automated work. The program works autonomously on an unlimited number of working devices, with a single connection. Each working device requires the purchase of a licensed version. Specialists will work in a unified information system, with classification of materials and highlighting windows in different colors for operational orientation. In the CRM system for apartment rentals, a client base with contacts and history of booking, renting, and paying for apartments will be formed and supplemented. To avoid misunderstandings, the system will notify about clients from the blacklist, working on a 100% prepayment basis. For convenient, automated provision of information to clients, it is possible to set up automatic distribution of messages to selected contacts or in mass form. Templates and samples will be obvious helpers for optimizing working time.

SRM for accounting for apartment rentals

SRM for apartment rental accounting allows you to automatically analyze and promptly identify employee incompetence by comparing customer reviews. When providing apartments for rent to clients, the system will automatically send messages asking them to rate the service on a point scale. Thus, together with the assessment of qualifications, working hours will be recorded, followed by wage calculation. All information in the system will be updated on a regular basis, providing users with only relevant information. Thus, it is possible to identify current, in-demand offers. In the SRM application for accounting for apartment rentals, it is possible to see the dynamics of demand and company income. Accounting will be a convenient addition, reflecting the company's activities. The data will be presented not only in the form of tables, but also graphs and charts. You can obtain additional information using the contact numbers listed on the USU.kz website. It is also possible to evaluate the functionality of the software in your own business by installing a free test version.

Video programs for accounting for apartment rentals

Capabilities of a CRM system for accounting for apartment rentals

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • The software has flexible configuration options;
  • t is possible to choose from a wide range of foreign languages;
  • he application provides for maintaining a nomenclature for all objects, providing clients with up-to-date information on cost, characteristics, etc.;
  • n online search is performed by entering a query into the contextual search engine window;
  • utomated accounting of working hours, with calculation of wages from a fixed salary, bonuses and apartment rentals;
  • aintaining a unified CRM client database with maintaining and supplementing contacts with the history of reservations and rentals, payment for apartments;
  • bility to integrate the application with various equipment;
  • unique design and simple interface with many functionalities will simplify and automate the work of everyone;
  • n individual account will be created for each user personally;
  • onitoring of the company’s work will be constant, with detailed data and provision of reports to management;
  • utomatic calculation of the cost of apartments for selected rental periods;
  • ata exchange between users over a local network;
  • ending information messages SMS and Email;
  • sing templates and samples, it is possible to quickly generate the necessary documents and reports;
  • ossibility of combining all offices into a single information system;

Free download of a program for accounting for apartment rentals

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