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Country availability: Open to all countries
Operating system: Windows
Category: Pharmacy management system

Lease accounting software

Lease accounting software

Lease accounting software

Rental accounting software is a modern tool with many options to optimize your working time. When renting, documentary support is required, which the program copes with perfectly and quickly. Thanks to the automated rental accounting program from the Universal Accounting System company, you can organize a single space for perfect work. The program makes it easy to create and find, edit and send a document, analyze the lease status, customer growth and calculate the total turnover for a given period of time. The program can easily automate all business activities by maintaining records and document flow. The program is multifunctional and provides for maintaining documentation, assigning serial numbers, dates, and the cost of rental services. To optimize the working time of employees, it is planned to use ready-made templates into which the necessary data can be inserted in a matter of seconds. Various document formats are supported. The program also allows you to track the timely fulfillment of the obligations of the parties under contracts, seeing the status of payments with automatic calculation using an electronic calculator.

Lease accounting program

The rental accounting program "Universal Accounting System" provides programming for sending voice and text messages, in mass or selective form. The program allows you to maintain a single CRM client database with common data available to all employees. The CRM database will reflect and supplement contact information, status of payments, rental and rental of goods, payment status, etc. as work progresses. In the program, taking into account rent, it is possible to maintain a nomenclature with all presented items of goods for automatic cost calculation. Thus, it is easy to see the availability of tools in a given quantity, quickly providing information to clients. Based on the presented cost in the product range, it is possible to automatically calculate the total cost of renting or renting certain goods, taking into account the total number of hours. It is possible to conduct mutual settlements in cash and non-cash form, thanks to the available templates for generating invoices, checks, and acts.

CRM rental accounting system

The automated CRM rental accounting system for USU is perfect and allows you to optimize the work of each user. The program is launched from a shortcut on the desktop and is configured personally by each user. To improve the quality of work with clients, it is possible to configure the language bar. Each user will log into the CRM system for rental accounting independently, using an individually generated account with a login and password. It is possible to exchange information data intra-channel in a multi-user format, optimizing the working time of company employees. Each user is provided with personal access rights, providing access only to information that is included in the list of official powers. Thus, the user will be spared unnecessary information and the data will be protected from theft. The software allows you to combine a network of branches into a single information system. The perfect program provides easy and convenient operation. On the left is a window with a list of products presented (cars, scooters, clothing, equipment, etc.). For the best orientation of employees on the presented goods in the nomenclature, it is possible to attach an image with barcodes.

SRM for rental accounting

The CRM system for rental accounting involves the use of high-tech warehouse equipment. Using a barcoding scanner and a data collection terminal, it is possible to quickly read information on an object, reflecting the data in the system. SRM taking into account rental can be synchronized with the website, where clients can independently arrange the rental of goods, registering the time and making payments. Classification of goods by color and cost. You can find a product by availability, barcode, category, name. The program provides for comparison of rental of certain goods by time, excluding overlays. When a client places an order for selected items of goods, the program will automatically calculate the amount to be paid according to the presented price list. The software provides automatic reminders to both employees and customers, ensuring that delivery and return tasks are completed on time. To eliminate misunderstandings, the system allows you to display problematic clients in a certain color with an exclamation mark, with whom you must subsequently work with full prepayment. An automated program improves work and increases profits. So that you can verify this for yourself, we suggest going to our official website, where a test version is presented in free mode.

Video program for rent accounting

Capabilities of a CRM system for rental accounting

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • An automated program for rental accounting is presented for multi-user mode, making it possible to exchange information data over a local network;
  • ach user is provided with a personally created account with a security login and password;
  • elegation of user rights guarantees high speed of work with the protection of information data;
  • uickly generate and fill out documents with built-in templates;
  • he program allows you to maintain a single CRM database with complete information on all clients;
  • utomatic setup of SMS notifications to clients about the status of rental or rental, timeliness of payments, discounts, bonuses, etc.;
  • uick search by user request, by barcode, by name, category, availability;
  • isplay by problem clients, with notification of 100% payment;
  • aking payments in cash and non-cash forms;
  • aintaining a nomenclature with all presented names of goods, divided into categories (quantity, cost, availability), highlighted in one color or another;
  • uick calculation in an automatic format using an electronic calculator, using the cost reflected in the nomenclature with the total number of goods and time;
  • he opportunity for the manager to have constant access to monitor and analyze the organization’s activities;
  • ork from any working device;
  • ccounting;
  • se of high-tech equipment;

Free download of rental accounting software

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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