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USU Software - IT software development for various business areas is the main aim of our company. If you need software for automation, accounting and business development, look no further. Team of "USU Software" consists of software developers who develop professional software including applications for any business area. With years of experience, USU Software can meet the most demanding needs of our customers, taking into account the wishes of all of their employees. The software development process is carried out using the latest technology. Any amount of data can be processed in your accounting software. We keep up with the latest business and technological trends, which helps us develop automation software that will help your business to be on the top of technological innovations. Software development is performed in the shortest time due to the fact that we use our own software platform. You simply register the business processes for the implementation of any order. Development of accounting systems can be performed by building on top of any product we have created as the basis or completely from scratch. Business automation is a difficult and important process that you can safely entrust to our company and our business software!

Business automation

You don't have a good program for accounting?
You need our software for efficient business management!

Our application developers also create custom software, because it creates projects for any filed of business. Management accounting system can be selected from a large list of programs that are already established by USU Software. If you didn’t find a suitable database software you can contact us and share your ideas. First, technological engineer of our organization will study the requirements for the software, and then a team of software developers will create a new unique product that only you will have. Automated accounting system is created individually for each organization, which allows it to take into account the features and occurring business processes within a company. Creating software and app development are carried out in record time, even if the software is implemented from the ground up. Organization of the account - is the most important task of any leader who understands the meaning of management. If you are a good manager who takes into account all aspects, you should understand that without the ability to analyze the activities of the enterprise it is impossible to determine its weaknesses and improve it. USU Software for accounting, created by Special Software will give any manager a set of management reports. With the help of reports, the head of an organization, managing the firm will be able to analyze the work in various aspects: employees, provided services, sold products, advertising payback, regional coverage, customer activity, and so on.

Is it difficult to automate a company?

Many people think that to automate the activities of a company you need to spend a lot of money and effort. In fact, if you find the right partner, it's very accessible and easy! To implement an automated information system it is enough to pass only 4 steps:

Conclude a contract

This contract for development of the software will be a guarantee that for the money you pay, you will get what you expect!

Make a prepayment

In order to our specialists will start work on the creation of your software, you can make a prepayment, and the rest of the money you can pay after the implementation.

Install the software

If you purchased the basic configuration without individual completions, the software usually being installed immediately after the prepayment within 1-2 days!

Enjoy the result!

At this stage, the software goes into the operating mode, and you will see the power of modern developed software!

As a result, the company will get many advantages over their competitors who do not have time to be automated or have never been automated! Through the professional development of systems of accounting, your employees will never forget anything. With the help of custom-designed software it is possible to perform a manual workload ten times faster. Using the automation of work you will be able to find the right customer and order history or purchases in seconds. USU Software for company automation will minimize the errors of so-called human factor. The program for the organization of the account will give the head of the company all the necessary management reports to make right management decisions. It is impossible without the enterprise management system. The software for accounting can organize all employees into a single successful mechanism.

The demo versions of the accounting software can be downloaded from our website. In addition, there are other video-presentations devoted to different specific software. There you will see their functionalities. Not all the functions of the software are presented in the video, so some of them can be viewed in the demo-version. We try to make a video about every professional software, so you will be able to take a short introductory course.

Entrust us the automation of your company

Incorrect automation will not increase the efficiency of the company, bit instead reduce it. To increase productivity and, as a consequence, the income of the company, you have to cooperate with professionals and proven service providers. We suggest you to start working with our professional services organization. Working with us, you can be sure about the result, because we have:

Wide experience

Software development - this is what we have been doing for many years. Rest assured we have automated many organizations before yours. We have the necessary knowledge to make the management accounting software properly. We also have the necessary skills to automate your organization as soon as possible, allowing you to start working in a new way in a short period of time - now with management accounting! Our extensive experience allows us to include in the automated accounting software such functions that will help you to improve the productivity and quality of work of your organization in the future even if you don’t need them right now.

The team of professionals

Our team of professionals creates the automated information systems. Automation of work is not effective without studying the characteristics of the organization. So, first of all, our programmers study program requirements and business processes of your company. Then programmers develop a software using modern technology. On or more people will be engaged in the software development depending on the complexity of the task. Translators will adapt the software for your country. In addition, during the entire period of use of our software, you can contact technical support, which will answer all your questions about the management accounting!

The latest technology

Our company carries out the automation using latest modern technologies. Automation of your company will never be realized with the use of outdated software. We always buy new development tools and software libraries in order to program more convenient opportunities, to develop even more sophisticated software, to take into account new developments. Our specialists constantly learn new appearing methods of creating databases and read books about management accounting. Our developed accounting software can be downloaded from our website at any time. You will be sure about the quality of the software personally. We always go with the times just not to let your management accounting to be left behind!

Best Prices

Our automation of the company is available for everyone! We have different tariff plans, so that each customer can choose the most suitable option. We sell the automated information system taking into account regional discounts. Different prices for different countries! Throughout the time of work we have never sold "cheap goods”. Our principle is the automation of the company with the highest quality and at an affordable price!

Types of automated accounting systems

Our team have created many professional programs for various types of businesses. In today's world, companies cannot fully grow and develop without automated accounting. With the help of our management accounting many problems and tasks can be solved. Management accounting systems can improve the performance of any organization. If you currently spend a lot of time on some manual work, after the business automation, the software developed by "USU Software" will perform this work faster and better! In addition, an automated information system can improve the quality of work. If you now make lots of mistakes, forget something, then after the automation of your business everything will become the thing of the past. It doesn’t matter how you work, manually or using another software that doesn’t satisfies you, we can qualitatively automate your company, providing comfort and convenience of your daily work since there is no limit to perfection.

If you ordered the our software development, you will be satisfied with the result. All your employees will also be happy with this software, because it can ease the work of any specialist! The head of the organization will have the full functionality, but employees can have the limited access rights. Our team will take into account your wishes and implement them in the accounting software as the individual improvements. It can be as minor modifications, such as a new report for the manager, and the change in the basic algorithm of company’s automation. You can add any features, and thus to ensure the continued relevance of the software. All the wishes and ideas can be implemented in the basic configuration of the software. With the help of our automation system, you can speed up and improve any business process of your organization!

Have a question?

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If you still have questions about the management of the organization with the help of specialized automation software, you can call us by phone or Skype, and write an e-mail. Our experts will select for you the right software configuration and hold a presentation of any accounting software. We know everything about the Special Software! We work with all the countries! Contact information and opening hours, you can find at this page.

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