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Operating system: Windows
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Car rental program

Car rental program

Car rental program

Car rental is a modern type of business activity. It has its own characteristics; it is important to keep records of processes in accordance with accounting rules.

The car rental software developed by USU will help you manage your business in a modern way. Moreover, the system optimizes processes, speeds them up and makes them modern.

Optimization is achieved through the possibility of automatic operations, for example, calculations, document generation, analytics. Acceleration of operations is achieved thanks to modern algorithms embedded in the system. Modernity is achieved through the use of new approaches to accounting and approaches to the presentation of information.

USU's car rental software is easy to use. Login is carried out from a shortcut on the desktop. Each user has his own account and rights to work in the system (appropriate settings are made for this).

CRM system for car rental

The CRM system for car rental from USU is suitable for various business entities. It can be used to manage a rental network or a small rental business.

In the main window of the program, on the left side you can see all registered cars for rental. If you are engaged in other types of rental, then other facilities may be located here.

When registering a car for rental, you can enter a detailed description, photo, video, and characteristics of the object into the program. If a photo of an object is reflected, the user will be able to very quickly find the desired object.

If you have many rental objects and they are small, then you can use barcodes. In this case, you can use a scanner for efficiency. You can enter your unique numbers; they are generated automatically during registration.

Cars in the program can be divided into categories, for example: SUVs, passenger cars, premium cars, and so on. Everything is individual, and the manager himself determines the categories. For ease of perception, categories can be highlighted in color.

For example, when identifying rental cars, the category is highlighted in blue. If there are difficulties in working with clients, then problems in the car rental CRM system can be identified with an exclamation point.

SRM for car rental accounting

The SRM for car rental accounting at the top of the window shows working days and booked car rental by hour. Placing an order in the program is very easy. To do this, the contractor needs to find a calendar and select a date and hours for rental, after which the opportunity to add an order will appear.

In this case, you need to select a client; if this is a new customer for services, then you can immediately create a new record in the software for him and add it. Then all that remains is to make a reservation and issue a deposit.

The SRM for car rental accounting is very convenient to use. For example, it is easy to search for data; this can be done by the first letters of the client’s last name. Sometimes car rentals sell goods or related services, for example, renting child seats and other accessories.

In this case, services or goods can be easily added to the application. The rental amount is calculated instantly based on the implemented price list. The USU will not allow any interference at the box office, which means you will not ruin your relationship with clients.

The system can automatically generate various types of documents. For example, this may concern the generation of receipts, invoices and invoices. In some cases, rental companies cooperate with lessors, then it is necessary to conclude contracts and monitor their implementation.

In the USU, you can define settings for notifying customers, for example, that it is time to pay or return the car. You can also use notifications for internal rental processes, for example, in relation to contracts, the USU will remind you of the need for renewal. You can customize the program individually.

In addition to the above, we can offer you work with analytics. First of all, reports are generated, then you can see trends in certain processes, track indicators, identify patterns, strengths and weaknesses. All this allows you to better manage your business and achieve greater results in your activities.

The arsenal of USU functions is not limited to this; we are ready to offer you much more. To get to know our software product better, we recommend that you download a free trial version.

Video programs for car rental

Capabilities of a CRM system for car rental

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • A modern software solution from USU will help you effectively manage car rental;
  • ach rental car can be registered in the system, registered, and assigned a unique number;
  • he system can be used for different types of rental;
  • he software allows you to create different types of collateral;
  • he system allows you to document vehicle maintenance costs;
  • he software is designed to maintain any number of databases;
  • t is very simple to arrange services in the system; you can choose different options: hours, days, months;
  • any functions are implemented automatically in the software;
  • he program can generate any types of documents;
  • he software is designed to work with different types of collateral;
  • he system can be used to work with reservations;
  • hrough the software it is easy to track the occupancy of an object;
  • he system allows you to identify careless clients;
  • nalytical capabilities will help eliminate weak points in activities;
  • ou can get other custom options as well.

Free download car rental software

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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