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Country availability: Open to all countries
Operating system: Windows
Category: Pharmacy management system

Tool rental program

Tool rental program

Tool rental program

Tool rental is a fairly promising and useful activity. Not everyone can afford to purchase a professional instrument, and then rentals come to the rescue. How to effectively keep records of rental activities? And the tool rental program will help you with this.

In the tool rental program from USU, you can implement all aspects of tool rental accounting. To do this, we provide opportunities to register income, expenses, tools, clients, partners and other categories.

First you need to enter basic categories into the program. These are company details, price lists, create a database of tools and clients. If before USU you already worked with the electronic format of indicators, then you can easily import the information into the program. If you are just starting to work, you can enter the data manually. You can also add information as needed.

Cards for the instrument will reflect complete information: characteristics, properties and other features. By choosing a category, you can track the entire rental history of a specific instrument and its profitability.

CRM system for tool rental

The CRM system for USU tool rental displays the entire list of tools in the main window on the left. To place an order, you must select a calendar and day for rental. If renting by the hour is practiced, then these are also indicated. Next, a client is selected from the proposed list; if this is a new consumer, then you can immediately create a new record and add it to the order.

Next, the quantity of the tool is indicated; if related materials are provided, they are indicated in the invoice. For example, a client rents a chainsaw and needs gasoline to operate it; it is inconvenient to go to a gas station (and you will have to buy a whole canister); it is better to immediately purchase it in the required quantity directly at the rental store.

Then this information enters the system, the amounts are calculated based on the price list and an invoice is generated, and after payment the documents are processed automatically.

The CRM system for tool rental is easy to integrate with communication services; you can choose any format: email, SMS, messenger. Then you can immediately program the system to send a reminder to return the tool.

During the booking process, you can easily track the availability of a particular tool. Let's say the client decides to extend the lease and informs you about it. Without creating a new order, you can edit the old one: you just need to go into it and change the rental hours.

In any business, you often come across dishonest clients. In order to properly deal with them, you need to designate them in the system. In the USU, such clients are designated with an exclamation point. Seeing it, the rental employee can immediately get his bearings and, for example, immediately take full payment for the rental or refuse to rent at all.

The program can also highlight other processes in color. You can also easily find the necessary categories in the program. If the user experiences difficulties, he can use the interactive instructions embedded in the program.

CRM for tool rental accounting

SRM for instrument accounting from USU helps to work effectively with clients. For example, if you connect integration with mail, you can organize a mailing with the terms of loyalty programs. If you decide to introduce discounts, bonuses, discounts, you can easily process transactions through the software.

Collecting a history of cooperation can help identify profitable directions in tool rental. Having a large number of reports can help analyze the rental operation. Cash reports will show the availability of funds in the accounts. Rental asset reports will show you which tools generate the most revenue in your business.

If you work not only with one branch, but you have many of them, then we will provide you with the capabilities to service them. You will also be able to receive reports on profitability, expenses and determine their profitability.

SRM for recording tool rentals can be used on a cloud basis, this is especially convenient for branches or in cases where it is not possible to work with a large office infrastructure. We will be happy to offer you other opportunities, for this you need to submit an application. Check out our website for additional materials and download a free trial version.

Video programs for tool rental

CRM system capabilities for tool rental

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • USU – can act as a tool rental program;
  • ach tool in the system is assigned its own category;
  • ou can create a separate card for each type;
  • he cards can store data on characteristics and photos;
  • n USU you can work with reservations;
  • n the booking table, you can highlight certain categories in color;
  • SU helps to keep records of income and expenses;
  • ental income can be divided into items and the most profitable areas of work can be determined;
  • ou can introduce a system of notifications and reminders through various means of communication;
  • MS helps to effectively manage interactions with clients;
  • e offer functionality in different directions;
  • SU operates in different languages;
  • ou can connect work based on the cloud;
  • ree trial available;
  • niversal accounting system – manage the tool rental process efficiently.

Free download of tool rental software

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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