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Rental automation

Rental automation

Rental automation

Rental automation is the activity of servicing operational rental activities using automation. A special program helps manage processes automatically, while solving many rental-related problems.

The user is not involved in routine processes, he can focus on more important matters. Modern automation is engaged in servicing a variety of processes.

This can include: advertising, contract management, processing payments, returns, recording income and expenses, maintaining rental properties and much more.

Rental automation is easy to carry out using a special software solution from USU. In this article we will highlight the main functionality.

Rental automation software

The rental automation program has a simple and intuitive interface. From the very beginning, we provide training on how to use the program, and also provide practical materials and step-by-step videos about how the software works.

Work in the program begins with filling out basic indicators: clients, real estate, and more. If you already had electronic databases before working at USU, they can be easily imported. If you are just starting your business, you can use manual entry.

You can create specific cards for clients in the program; they can reflect personal information and subsequently attach a history of interaction. When integrated with IP telephony, when calling the office, information about the client can be determined on the operator’s screen, and he can already understand the client’s preferences, features of cooperation, and so on. And this makes it possible to easily increase loyalty on the part of the service consumer.

The rental automation program also allows you to keep detailed records of rental objects. Firstly, they are all recorded in the program with maximum detail and even an image. Also, each property will have a rental history saved. What does this give? This allows you to assess the demand for a particular type of rental, and useful USU reports will help you with this.

Direct accounting of rental services can be carried out in different formats: for example, it can be monthly, hourly or daily rental. Based on the selected format, the program will automatically calculate the cost of services, and a receipt can also be generated automatically.

If the lease is long-term, then you may like the functions associated with automatic payment calculation and sending by email or messenger. There are also possibilities for mass mailing.

When working with unreliable clients, firstly, they can be identified in the system; secondly, use reminders and notifications; and thirdly, if delays occur, charge a penalty according to the tariff.

SRM for rental automation

CRM for rental automation is a very flexible platform that can be used for almost any rental-related enterprise. If you have branches, we are ready to offer you functions for managing them. In this case, you can obtain data on both income and expenses.

Rental property must be properly maintained, and the costs for this can be reflected in the management software. This will help in the future to understand how profitable the property is in the rental context.

SRM for rental automation from USU can have many additional functions, including: maintaining reservations, servicing financial processes (cash register, current account), organizing mailings, marketing management, and the availability of full analytics.

Regarding analytics, you can note many reports, for example, the “money” report will show the availability of funds in cash and non-cash form. A report on an object will show its liquidity and profit, contribution to total income. Reports on employees will highlight the most diligent and the most careless. You can find other types of analytics here, everything is individual and we will select only the necessary functions for you.

We invite you to explore the capabilities of CRM in more depth. This can be done using an accessible video review. Download the trial version of USU and try our platform for yourself. A universal accounting system opens up new opportunities for your business.

Video programs for rental automation

Capabilities of a CRM system for rental automation

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • Through the software solution from USU, you can easily automate the rental area and more;
  • ou can create a separate detailed card for each rental property;
  • ach object can be assigned its own category and highlighted in color;
  • hen arranging rental services, the software can easily calculate the cost;
  • n a mass format of activity, receipts can be generated automatically for a period and sent by email;
  • he CRM program is programmed for notifications and special mailings;
  • ach client of the company can be registered in the system;
  • hen launching a marketing newsletter, you can use integration with various messengers;
  • ummary reporting will show the rental process from different sides;
  • hrough the software it is easy to track overdue payments and carry out penalty calculations;
  • f there are contracts, you can monitor their execution and registration;
  • ou can check the occupancy level for each rental property;
  • ou can make a rental reservation directly in the program;
  • RM helps evaluate company income and expenses;
  • SU – improve your processes with us.

Free download of rental automation software

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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