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Operating system: Windows
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Rental program

Rental program

Rental program

Rental software should have functions for recording income, expenses, property management, and interacting with clients and landlords. We suggest you use the Universal Accounting System.

The USU rental software has the capabilities to service the agency's core processes. Let's take a closer look at them. In USU it is easy to manage different types of information. Why? Because the user works in a comfortable workspace, can customize it to suit himself, select frequently repeated actions and move them to the center of the workspace for quick access.

The system is also equipped with basic capabilities for working with landlords, clients, inventory, for recording income and expenses, and so on. Now about everything in more detail.

Rental program

The rental program allows you to quickly create databases. If you have a real estate agency specializing in rentals, then you must create a database of real estate properties and landlords.

Each rental object can be assigned a unique number in the database, characteristics, properties, description, photo or video of the object can be entered. You can enter any information into the card. Subsequently, you can track its occupancy, demand for it, and expenses (for example, for repairs).

The rental program is useful not only for a real estate agency, but also for any other enterprise for renting tools, renting clothes, renting cars, and so on. In this case, items can be assigned barcodes and initialized in the system using a scanner.

You can also use regular unique numbers assigned automatically by the program. A quick search for positions in the system is carried out by the first digits of the code or letters of the object name.

It is also important to maintain a database of clients and landlords (relevant for real estate agencies). Fixing the name and history of cooperation can be collected for each case. This information may be useful for implementing loyalty programs.

By collaborating with each client and integrating CRM with IP telephony, the saved information can be initialized when calling the office.

When concluding agreements, for example, with lessors, you can maintain registers of agreements, as well as draw them up directly in the system, using ready-made templates. The program can be configured to provide notifications in the context of monitoring contract obligations.

Software for rent

Rental software from USU can be used to record expenses. Rental properties must be constantly maintained to maintain their presentation. These expenses may form the basis of the rental or rental cost.

Thanks to this data, it is possible to analyze expenses to identify the most expensive ones and possibly change the strategy. In the USU you can register income and you can divide it by area. This can be useful when a company is engaged in rental in different directions and it is important to it which of them generates the most income.

For rent or rental, it is also important to be able to work with clients, this applies to the booking process, payment, and information support. In this regard, USU can provide the necessary functionality.

Rental software from USU can be used for booking. In the USU, you can highlight certain categories with color. For example, reserved items will be highlighted in blue. When dealing with unreliable clients, you can use a distinctive symbol - an exclamation mark. This will make it clear to you right away that, for example, you need to work with this entity only on full prepayment or refuse services altogether.

A reminder system, including automatic ones, will help control payments, prevent untimely return of property, and will be useful in other respects.

If you visit our website, you can get acquainted with available video reviews, instructions, reviews from experts and much more. We recommend that you download the free trial version, it is already available on our website. Universal accounting system – modern capabilities for managing rental accounting.

Video programs for rent

Rental program features

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • USU's rental software will help you manage basic rental processes;
  • ent through USU can be provided using different work formats: hourly, daily or monthly payment;
  • he software allows you to create separate cases for rental objects;
  • ou can rent out and keep records for various categories from real estate to tools;
  • ental categories can be reflected in personal cards;
  • n personal cards you can reflect the maximum characteristics, properties, features, photos or videos of objects;
  • he program is configured for the booking process for accounting objects;
  • n the reservation schedule, you can reflect in color, for example, the occupancy of the object;
  • ou can form and register contracts in the system;
  • sing the USU, you will be able to manage analytics;
  • eports can be generated in different areas: income, expenses, cash register, employees, and so on;
  • hen maintaining facilities, you can record maintenance costs;
  • hen attracting partners, you can fix a commission for the services provided;
  • otifications, personalized messages, reminders - can be implemented on the basis of the USU;
  • trial version of the program is available for download.

Download the program for free for rent

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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