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Automation of car rental

Automation of car rental

Automation of car rental

Automation of car rental can significantly simplify the process of accounting and interaction with clients. This is very important, especially in modern conditions when there is competition in the market.

Let's look at the features of car rental. For car rental to flourish, it is necessary to have a variety of car options: economy, standard, premium, SUVs, minibuses, and so on. This will attract customers with different tastes and preferences. Also collect the cream from all segments.

In the USU, for the convenience of working with various categories of cars, you can create convenient databases with categories and distinctive features, thereby providing quick access to information. Car cards can display detailed characteristics and photos of the rental item.

The modern approach involves careful and attentive maintenance of databases. USU makes it possible to accumulate information about all contacts (messages, calls, offers, contracts). Each client has its own story. This helps in the future to draw conclusions, for example, about the solvency and integrity of the client. Helps implement loyalty programs.

Modern car rentals can provide services online, over the phone or on site. Through USU, you can organize a reservation through the website (if integrated with the website), on site or by phone, a consultant can quickly provide information about available options.

Since all the information is in front of the eyes, it is easy for the employee to navigate the workspace. We have created the ability to highlight categories and statuses with color - this further speeds up and simplifies the process.

Car rental, along with car rental, can offer additional services and products: car seat, navigator, and so on. Some accessories may be for sale. These transactions can be taken into account in the USU.

Rental or rental interactions may be based on an agreement or other conditions. In the USU this can be easily taken into account. The collateral can be cash or documents, regular prepayment for services, and so on. You can arrange this at USU.

If it is necessary to register contracts, generate receipts, invoices for payment, when carrying out the corresponding operations in the program, they will be generated automatically.

To maintain the proper technical and aesthetic condition of the car, it is necessary to constantly monitor the technical condition and spend money on maintenance. Detailed cost accounting will show how much it costs to maintain a car per month and whether it is profitable for car rental.

The profitability of processes can be assessed through detailed reports. For example, for an individual car you can evaluate its demand, expenses for it and liquidity expressed in net income. Reports can also be generated for other areas. For example, based on clients, you can evaluate the most profitable and trustworthy ones, and also identify debtors or those with a problematic rental history.

This type of information will protect the company from losses. Working with pricing is an integral part of the processes. In the USU you can determine prices for car categories, and when you select, prices will be determined automatically.

Always being in touch with customers is another competitive advantage for car rental. USU can provide you with a variety of opportunities in this area. For example, this could be sending out marketing offers or notifications about a loyalty program.

Notifications may be needed in case of reminders about returns, time of use, the need to repay the debt, and so on. They can be implemented through communication services: voice or regular SMS. Distribution can also be carried out through instant messengers. Such coverage is very convenient; it helps, firstly, not to leave users without information, and secondly, to offer them the most convenient format for perceiving information.

We have developed many other services that will certainly be useful in your activities. You can connect custom integrations: with equipment, with a website, a bot for business, and so on. For a detailed approach, we invite you to send a request for a presentation. We are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Automation of car rental can be ordered remotely; this can be done directly through the chat on the website.

Video programs for automating car rental

Capabilities of a CRM system for automating car rental

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • Through the USU you can automate car rental;
  • n the program, you can assign a category to each car;
  • n the USU you can enter cards for cars with a detailed description;
  • etailed accounting can be carried out for each vehicle;
  • he program helps create a complete history of contacts with clients;
  • he system can serve processes in the area of time and date booking;
  • n employee can easily check whether the vehicle is occupied;
  • he program is designed to work with debt;
  • ou can use different categories as collateral: money, documents, etc.;
  • roblematic clients can be highlighted in color in the program;
  • n the system you can track the costs of car maintenance;
  • or high-quality interaction, you can use notifications;
  • dditional services can be connected upon request;
  • nteractive instructions have been introduced into the USU;
  • SU – automation of car rental according to modern standards.

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