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Operating system: Windows
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Rental Program

Rental Program

Rental Program

The program for landlords is a modern tool for maintaining their own records and those of attracted partners. Where can I find a solution that will meet modern standards? We suggest you use the Universal Accounting System.

USU's landlord software helps manage a wide variety of categories. And the first thing you need to do in the software is fill out the main modules. They concern: real estate, landlords, clients and other categories. To do this, you can use data import.

The program allows you to easily manage real estate objects. For example, you can create a catalog of objects in the system. Each object will be registered in detail in the software: address, area, condition, number of rooms and other information. You can attach photos and videos of the object to the case.

You can also create and register rental agreements in the software. Monitor obligations and their deadlines. For example, the program can be configured to notify you when a contract expires.

CRM for landlord accounting

CRM for accounting of lessors from USU performs the functions of managing a database of lessors. This means that the system can store important information on rental history, contact information, contract, and so on. That is, in fact, you can collect any important information about the landlord.

A landlord accounting CRM can be used to manage financial accounting. It’s easy to issue invoices through CRM; you can do this in any format: hours, days, months for any period. When payments are received, you can monitor their correctness and timeliness.

The next aspect is related to the registration of income and expenses. This very important allows you to determine the profitability of the agency's activities. If necessary, you can connect integration with payment systems, for example, with Qiwi and others.

Lease agreements are extremely important when dealing with landlords. In the USU they can be created, stored, extended, and managed. If necessary, you can define settings for automatic renewal of contracts and notifications of their expiration.

In USU it is very convenient to work with ready-made templates; the responsible employee can only correct some data in ready-made contracts.

SRM for landlords

A CRM for landlords can provide you with functions for recording agency income and expenses. If the contract provides for maintenance of facilities, repairs and other activities, the program can reflect this data and conduct analytics on it.

You can also plan various works on objects.

Now we’ll tell you how to effectively manage relationships with clients. For example, USU offers functions for armor. In fact, the contractor will have all the information on the objects before his eyes; he can easily identify objects that have already been rented out or booked for a certain date.

This format is convenient, especially during a consultation; the employee can immediately give an answer regarding the occupancy of the object or offer free hours or days. Regarding problematic clients in the USU, they can be identified with an exclamation mark, this will serve as a signal for building interaction based on potential problems. For example, a client has a hard time paying for services, then work with him is based on full payment in advance.

The CRM for the landlord’s work can highlight the necessary categories in the booking schedule, then the consultant can quickly provide information to interested parties.

USU is rich in analytics and various types of reports. They can be generated to determine profitability, facility occupancy, maintenance costs, and so on. Graphs, charts and other forms of analytics help make the right management decisions in business.

Communication is very important when working with clients and landlords. Thanks to them, you can quickly contact opponents, send information, and exchange indicators. We can provide you with these options. You can even work with mailing via USU.

We invite you to connect integration with IP telephony and then, when you receive a call from a client or landlord, you will be able to immediately reproduce the history of cooperation and increase loyalty by paying attention to the needs of your partner or client.

We offer other opportunities for this important activity. We invite you to get more information right now; you can contact us directly through the chat on the website.

Video programs for landlords

Program features for landlords

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • CMS software can be easily used to manage the activities of landlords;
  • ou can create real estate databases in the software;
  • hen working with persons providing their property for rent, you can keep records of them;
  • n the USU you can create categories by real estate, by clients, by landlords;
  • ou can keep agency records in the system;
  • RM is capable of recording income and expenses;
  • or each lessor, you can maintain a separate history of cooperation;
  • ou can create and maintain contracts in the software;
  • RM can be used to register a reservation;
  • ou can connect custom integration with PBX;
  • SU analytics will allow you to identify the most popular rental properties;
  • n the software you can specify any type of collateral during calculations;
  • ll transactions can be documented;
  • he program can be used to manage rentals;
  • hese and other opportunities await you, get more information now.

Free download of the program for landlords

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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