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Rental and property management

Rental and property management

Rental and property management

Renting and property management are very popular in modern society. This is a separate type of entrepreneurial business, and it has its own characteristics. In this article we will look at how to effectively manage rentals in today's environment.

In order for management to be carried out correctly, you need to use automation. Renting and managing real estate is best done through the USU program. Let's consider why?

USU is a modern rental management solution. Functions can be selected, as well as the program can be supplemented with capabilities in the form of integration with equipment and connection of additional services.

Renting and managing your own real estate

Renting and managing your own real estate, as previously mentioned, has its own characteristics and features. Legislation regulates this area of entrepreneurship.

So, first of all, in the program you can create a database on real estate; it can be structural, for example, divided into certain categories: rented and owned, from individuals or legal entities, residential or commercial premises. These features and structure can be easily implemented in the program.

The manager, working with data, will easily navigate the workspace. Each object card can reflect the maximum entered characteristics for objects.

Moreover, in the USU you can track all operations associated with an object. This provides excellent opportunities for various types of analysis.

Renting and managing your own real estate can be arranged in the USU in accordance with preferences, but at the same time taking into account the requirements in this area.

It is very important to keep records by category; clients and landlords (if you are involved in mediation). In the database you can create cards for clients and for lessors. Information on transactions can be attached to this data. And, for example, if you need to track the history of cooperation with a client or landlord, you can easily do this.

To give legal significance to transactions, contracts can be formed and registered in the USU, and deadlines for execution can be monitored. If necessary, the program can be configured to provide notifications, for example, that it is time to renew the contract.

Property rental management

Real estate rental management involves recording the services provided. You can register both services and sales in the USU. You can charge them to accounts for the sale of rental or own real estate services. Then you can evaluate how much profit each direction brings.

When managing the rental of real estate, operations to register profits from the activity take place. It can be issued using a current account or cash register. Reports on the availability of funds can be obtained at any time.

If the landlord rents out his own property, then he should take care of its maintenance; he must constantly monitor consumables, physical wear and tear and other categories to maintain marketable condition. These costs also need to be taken into account. At USU you can do this without much difficulty.

Analytics is one of the best tools with which you can improve your activities. We offer a wide variety of opportunities in this area. For example, you can always analyze the quantity, quality, and trends of various categories.

For example, you can easily determine: the availability of funds, the most popular rental properties, the most profitable direction for activity, evaluate expenses for their feasibility, and so on. All these categories are important and they, of course, allow you to improve your activities.

Our company is ready to offer you other options, for example, you can work with notifications and reminders. This can be done automatically. You can launch a service to evaluate the service provided, get custom functions for searching for real estate according to specified criteria, and many other possibilities.

We invite you to download a free trial now or request a more in-depth presentation. USU – it’s easy to manage your rental with us.

Video programs for rental and property management

Capabilities of a CRM system for rental and property management

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • Using software from USU, you can build effective management of your own or rental real estate;
  • ach property in the system is assigned an individual category (for example: rental or own);
  • he system can be controlled remotely using the cloud;
  • he program allows you to register various types of rental services;
  • price list for renting your own or leased property can be implemented into the program at the level of calculation algorithms;
  • hrough the software you can track the rent arrears of recipients;
  • or each object, you can analyze the occupancy of the object for a given period;
  • ur company is ready to offer you various options for the format of cooperation;
  • ou will be able to plan objects according to occupancy and place them on reservation;
  • our agency's expenses, for example, on the maintenance of real estate, can be taken into account in the system;
  • f necessary, you can use the program to manage branches;
  • he program can be integrated with various types of equipment;
  • e can connect a notification system for you;
  • eminders can be used on a mass or individual basis;
  • niversal accounting system – high-quality process management at an affordable price.

Free download software for rental and property management

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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