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Automation of real estate rental

Automation of real estate rental

Automation of real estate rental

Automation of real estate rental is quite a profitable process for an entrepreneur. Why is this so? Automation simplifies, improves, increases the speed of operations, and eliminates routine processes.

Modern automation has become a part of the economy and entrepreneurs are looking to use it in various fields. This review is dedicated to automation for property rental from the USU company.

If you choose our system, you will be able to effectively manage your rental processes. Why? Because the USU program is created in such a way that users carry out their processes as comfortably as possible.

Moreover, the system is designed conveniently for both managers and performers. Convenient functions of the program help the user to control the processes within the program and at the same time maintain good relationships with clients.

For a manager, the program can serve as a reliable tool for collecting information and analyzing it. This helps to look at processes “from above” and understand strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, this leads to improved performance.

Automation of real estate rental from USU is easy to implement in a company. First of all, you need to send a request, then we select the functionality according to your needs. All work in the program is focused on databases. To create them, you must use import from electronic media or use manual information entry.

Regarding real estate, each property has its own card. It reflects detailed information on the object: location, number of rooms, availability of furniture, video, photos and other features. In the future, other types of information can also be attached to the case.

Clients are also registered in the database and a rental history is attached to each of them. This information can be very useful in the future. For example, when receiving a new request, a manager can easily select options based on needs or can immediately offer the previous option. Also, saving information on cooperation makes it possible to implement loyalty programs.

Through automation of the management system, you will be able to manage financial accounting, register the provision of services and expenses. When fixing services, a monthly, daily or hourly payment format can be used. When you attach a price list, calculations will be carried out automatically. This also applies to the formation of documents. In the program you can generate: receipts, invoices for payment, reconciliation acts, contracts and more.

The USU allows you to work effectively with the distribution of information; if necessary, you can implement a system of reminders or notifications. In case of late payments, penalties and fines can be calculated automatically.

Registration of the costs of maintaining real estate allows you to assess how liquid the processes are and whether the costs are justified. In the course of business, it is imperative to keep records of repair work, utility bills, and cleaning processes, all of which subsequently become part of the rental cost. The program allows you to easily record maintenance costs.

USU suggests working with reports and identifying different components of activities. For example, you can determine which objects are in demand and which are not. You can evaluate the work of employees, conduct an internal audit of operations and prevent fraud on their part.

You can also analyze costs, for example, in software for this purpose you can divide costs into items; it is much easier to analyze in this format.

There is another format for renting: when a realtor acts as an intermediary in renting. He creates a database of tenants with their properties and finds clients for them, making a profit for intermediary services. This format of work can also be completed in the system. We can also offer information retrieval services on request.

With USU you will be able to use all the latest opportunities in the field of automation. From accounting to deep analytics. The program is not standardized, it can be adjusted to suit the activity. For example: you can select any number of accounts, use automation to manage branches, you can select accounting areas. Whether or not to connect additional services is up to you.

A video review is available on our website, which reveals the functionality of the program in more detail. Other questions can be asked during a personal contact. Universal accounting system – run your business according to modern standards.

Video programs for automating real estate rentals

Capabilities of a CRM system for automating real estate rentals

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • Through software from USU, you can quickly automate the rental of real estate;
  • he program from USU allows you to create and manage databases, for example, on real estate;
  • ach object can be assigned a category and highlighted with a specific color;
  • he USU works according to the principles of CRM and allows for high-quality support to the client base;
  • hrough the software, you can organize work based on reminders, including in automatic mode;
  • he program helps to maintain rental reservations;
  • ent calculations can be carried out in different ways: by hour, day, month;
  • SU can be implemented on the basis of the cloud;
  • ny number of employees can be involved in the work;
  • e offer special features to order;
  • f there are divisions, you can maintain general records;
  • he software can be used to service sales;
  • he program can work in different languages;
  • e work without a subscription fee;
  • ownload a trial version of the system right now.

Free download of a program to automate real estate rental

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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