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Category: Pharmacy management system

Computer programs for pharmacies

Computer programs for pharmacies

Computer programs for pharmacies

Computer programs for pharmacies are created specifically to optimize the work of pharmacists, as well as to make it possible to evaluate the activities and profitability of the institution. In this article we will consider the main characteristics of a computer program for pharmacies developed by USU.

We have created many different programs; they can be very simple, for example, for servicing a cash register or another single process, or they can be complex for deep process analytics. Whatever solution you choose, USU will help you optimize your pharmacy accounting.

Computer programs in pharmacies

Computer programs in a pharmacy can be part of an entire system, but why use several programs if you can only purchase a USU and process all operations in a complex. So, the software will be useful when processing cash transactions; through the system you can reflect all movements in cash and non-cash funds.

The program is designed for managing warehouse operations. You will be able to place any quantity of medicines on your arrival, using all the distinctive markers during registration: price, quantity, supplier, cost per unit and other characteristics.

If you need to receive goods from a foreign supplier, then you can directly determine the currency exchange rate in the program and upon receipt the amount in national currency will be immediately reflected.

Pharmacy computer programs may have many different features. For example, for USU it is versatility and adaptability to business. Our system can be easily adapted to any activity: a pharmacy or their chain, a medical center, a health complex, and so on. We will select suitable functions for each institution.

Computer programs used in pharmaceutical activities

Computer programs used in pharmaceutical activities must have functions related to accounting for the receipt and consumption of drugs and other materials.

In the USU you will be able to process various types of transactions, control income and expenses. You can evaluate the expiration dates of the product, monitor them, and at the right time the system can notify you about the expiration date. Another management-related feature directly affects the replenishment of goods from suppliers. With established supplies, you can even program the software to automatically generate a request and send it to the supplier.

When registering sales in USU, you can use a barcode scanner, or you can work without it using unique product numbers. Additional integrated equipment speeds up processes.

With a personalized approach to sales in the USU, you can maintain customer cards and save the history of sales and returns. This can help if you need to implement a loyalty program with bonuses, discounts, or another format.

If keeping prescription journals is important for a pharmacy, then keeping them in electronic format will be more effective.

A computer program used in pharmaceutical activities must have the capabilities to generate reports and conduct analytics. In the USU you can generate reports on sales, inventories, financials. indicators and other components of activity.

Thanks to reports, you can conduct in-depth analytics of activities and performance indicators. This can help management understand weaknesses and correct them if necessary. In fact, in our company you can find many different services for activities. You can find out more about this on our website.

Working in USU is very convenient, this is due to the intuitive interface and its convenience. It is multilingual and multifunctional, you can customize the workspace to suit you. For example, for quick access, you can move the most used commands to the center of the desktop. You can also work in multi-channel mode, transform windows, hide unnecessary data, and so on.

We invite you to download a free trial version of the system right now. We have technical support, you can always get the help you need. When purchasing a license for a program, you can count on its help. For any questions, you can contact us on the website via chat.

Video of a computer program for pharmacies

Possibilities of a computer program for pharmacies

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • Software from the USU company helps to effectively manage the activities of a pharmacy and even their network;
  • he USU program is accessible and understandable to users;
  • ou can customize your workspace to suit your needs;
  • hrough the USU, you can monitor the expiration dates of medications;
  • ou can identify stale goods and sell them on time;
  • unctions are available for an automated workstation, which makes processes operational extremely quickly;
  • hrough the USU, you can launch loyalty programs for pharmacists and clients;
  • he program can suggest similar products;
  • hrough the software you can control mutual settlements with suppliers;
  • hrough the software, you can carry out internal audit of the program;
  • ou can analyze sales by different price segments;
  • f you have a network of pharmacies, you can view the profitability of departments in one report;
  • he software will help combine simplicity and a professional approach to activity management;
  • e have no monthly payments;
  • ll data will be located only on your computer. Find out more on the official website.

Free download of computer program for pharmacies

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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