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Country availability: Open to all countries
Operating system: Windows
Category: Pharmacy management system

Program for veterinary pharmacy

Program for veterinary pharmacy

Program for veterinary pharmacy

If you are the owner of a veterinary pharmacy, then process optimization is most likely important to you. In modern conditions, automation is actively used. Veterinary pharmacy software can be a great help. We invite you to consider the main features of the veterinary pharmacy program from USU.

It is very important for a veterinary pharmacy to keep the availability of veterinary drugs and other materials and tools up to date. It is also important for the pharmacist to be well versed in the database.

In the USU, you can create appropriate records of various veterinary drugs, feed, vaccines, vitamins, and auxiliary tools for caring for animals. You can create categories and subcategories. The intuitive interface and context menu structure provide the user with excellent conditions for operational coordination.

In addition, the main functions can be defined as quick access commands; they can be placed in the center of the workspace. Frequently used commands will be defined as the largest commands.

Working in USU, you can pay attention to storage and logistics. For some drugs, proper storage is important, this may concern temperature conditions, lighting, and so on. In the CMS, you can take these categories into account and set reminders for necessary actions.

The same applies to expiration dates; careful accounting through the USU will help to avoid delays. Inventory plays an important role in veterinary pharmacy accounting. It helps to identify irregularities in commodity accounting. With the help of the USU, you will be able to quickly carry out the inventory process, you will be able to evaluate inventory balances, and plan the work of future periods.

Regarding the process of goods arrival, the system can be configured to generate a replenishment request and send it to the supplier automatically. Other important functions can be configured.

CRM for pet pharmacy

CRM for a pharmacy for animals can be relevant especially in cases where the institution has long-term relationships with clients. Often, pharmacies for animals operate on the basis of a veterinary clinic; the USU can be used to manage processes in the complex of both the clinic and the pharmacy.

In CRM from USU, you can save the history of purchases, returns, pet treatment, screening procedures, and so on. This information can be invaluable; the pharmacist may only need to look at the client’s card and he will immediately see what drugs were purchased; what kind of pet does the client have; if this is food, then what are the preferences and so on.

Such information can be useful in the case of promotions, loyalty programs and other activities aimed at maintaining long-term relationships with customers.

CRM for pet pharmacies can be used in other areas, for example, for the direct sales process. In the software from USU you can register sales and the profit received from them. This process can be completed manually, or using special equipment. You can process your proceeds either in cash or in amounts credited to your current account.

When working with suppliers, you can use functions for receiving goods in foreign currency. In this case, you can initially determine the exchange rate in the program, and it will automatically calculate the amounts.

Modern veterinary pharmacies can practice online sales and delivery of goods. If you need to integrate data with an online pharmacy for animals, then you will not have any problems with USU. This also applies to delivery. We can offer you a service for integration with cards and then you can track the courier’s movement directly online in case of force majeure and quickly respond to changes.

The program from USU is created in such a way as to simplify the user’s accounting activities as much as possible. You can verify this if you download the free trial version.

These are just a few of the opportunities that USU can offer you. A more detailed list can be found on our website. We also offer to give you a software presentation completely free of charge. To get this opportunity, you must send an application via chat on the site.

Video programs for a veterinary pharmacy

Program capabilities for a veterinary pharmacy

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • The USU company has developed a special program to service the basic processes of a veterinary pharmacy;
  • n the program you can create informative databases on animals, pharmaceutical drugs, and so on;
  • SU has developed a convenient automated place for a pharmacy specialist for animals;
  • he program allows you to maintain structured records of medications;
  • f necessary, you can track the expiration dates of medications;
  • he system integrates with special equipment, for example, with a cash register or warehouse;
  • he software can be used to manage warehouse operations;
  • ou will have a complete picture of the commodity-monetary operations of the veterinary pharmacy;
  • ll transactions may have documentary support in accordance with accounting standards;
  • f necessary, you can use the USU to manage branches;
  • f delivery services are available, you can track and support it using cards, when integrated with them;
  • he system can organize work for any number of employees;
  • hen working from recipes, you can use electronic journals;
  • ou can restrict access rights to databases for users;
  • et more information now.

Free download of the program for veterinary pharmacy

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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