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Country availability: Open to all countries
Operating system: Windows
Category: Pharmacy management system

Medicines accounting program

Medicines accounting program

Medicines accounting program

The drug accounting program allows you to automate production processes, increasing turnover with the expansion and influx of clients. At the current time, it is simply impossible to independently record medicines, given the total number of different names of domestic and imported drugs from different manufacturers. Therefore, the program helps automate the execution of work processes and optimize resources. Programs are divided by functionality, cost and speed, but once you have tested the “Universal Accounting System” software in your own business, you will no longer have any doubts or desire to switch to other applications. The program has unlimited functionality, a unique and user-friendly menu interface, beautiful design and high speed. The cost is affordable and suitable for any type of business. The medicines accounting program allows you not only to keep track of medicines, but also quickly generates invoices and reports, helps to maintain inventory and much more. The program is easily customizable for any Windows operating system, synchronizing all working devices for multi-channel connection and interaction of users from all departments for convenient and efficient work.

Medicines accounting program

The program for accounting for medicines USU allows you to analyze the demand for these or other products, monitoring balances, deliveries and deliveries. The program is easily customizable for any Windows operating system, synchronizing all working devices for multi-channel connection and interaction of users from all departments for convenient and efficient work. The program is adaptable for various medical institutions. The drug accounting program can automatically connect to various working devices, reading codes and displaying information on the screen, printing documents and receipts. The ability to maintain quantitative records using high-tech warehouse equipment will not only save time, but also eliminate shortcomings associated with the human factor. Also, using the program, the list of medicines with the correct balance will always be updated, replenishing supplies in a timely manner.

Medicines accounting

The accounting of medicines will be carried out by the program from the moment of delivery, controlling all processes with reception, storage, transfer, movement, sale, etc. By freeing employees from routine duties, more time and attention will be available to devote to more important tasks as the plan increases. The software helps medical organizations keep records of medicines, not only medicines, but also analyze the work processes of subordinates, maintaining a separate database taking into account working hours. It is possible to see the time of arrival and departure from work places, automatically calculating everyone’s wages, including overfulfillment of the plan or shortfalls. Large memory makes it possible to save all data in a centralized storage, with quick search by entering a query in a contextual search engine. Also, for the security of storing information data, a distinction is made between user capabilities based on job position.

Accounting for medicines in a pharmacy

The accounting of medicines in the pharmacy will be automated, with a separate database (nomenclature) maintained. The nomenclature will reflect information on each medicine with a bar code, description, cost, VAT, quantity, etc. Also, for the convenience of staff, it is possible to display a picture of the medicine. The drug accounting program in a pharmacy allows you to significantly save time when servicing customers by providing correct information on originals and analogues of drugs, promptly reading codes and issuing invoices. Payments can be made in cash or non-cash form, recording information in accounting documentation. Accounting is carried out automatically in the application, promptly generating the necessary documents using templates with samples of completion. For high-quality and fast work, it is possible to import data for filling out documents and statements. The USU program will help to analyze the work activities of staff in pharmacies, as well as to delineate cases, create schedules and shifts.

Accounting for medicines in health care facilities

Accounting for medicines in health care facilities is extremely important, promptly replenishing stocks and eliminating expired products. The USU program is an indispensable assistant, monitoring not only balances, but also the quality indicators of each item, avoiding errors. The program will reflect all information on medicines, as well as on patients of the medical institution, maintaining a separate database. To organize interaction and provide information to patients, SMS and Email messages are sent. Messages can be sent in random or mass form. Also, extracts, reports and forms for patients will be automatically generated and filled out, freeing up staff time. An electronic calculator allows you to perform high-quality calculations, summing up certain services, with discounts and bonuses. The program for accounting for medicines in health care facilities will automatically calculate the cost of medicines, additional services, and discount percentages for a particular patient. Remote control is carried out by CCTV cameras, which also helps to control the lawful actions of employees and clients, eliminating a decrease in the level of quality and rating.

Accounting for medicines in the department

Accounting for medicines in the department is extremely important, comparing the data with the receipt and disbursement order. Inventory with the program is carried out quickly and efficiently, reflecting data for each item, taking into account expiration dates. Spending planning will be reflected in the system, with the ability to analyze and purchase, and record medicines in the department. The software allows you to improve the work of all departments by keeping track of working hours in the database, with calculation of total time worked and payroll. All department employees can interact via a local network, optimizing time expenditure. The application will control all work processes, making it possible to remotely monitor employees and visitors of branches, recording and saving video recordings from CCTV cameras.

CRM for medicines accounting

The “Universal Accounting System” CRM software for medicines accounting helps automate production processes using modern graphs and diagrams integrated into the application. Visualization tools can help improve the management of healthcare facilities. Using the software, it is possible to set up a marketing system, reflecting current information on the website, synchronizing materials with the database. Medicines can be purchased by customers online. It is possible to maintain a separate database for counterparties, making additions as they interact, send messages, meetings, purchases and sales, and mutual settlements. CRM software for medicines accounting will be the best solution for building competitive advantages, implementing comprehensive automation with the development of new directions and expanding boundaries. To analyze the capabilities provided by our program, you should familiarize yourself with the options on our official website and download the free test version.

Video programs for accounting for medicines

Capabilities of a CRM system for accounting for medicines

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • The software can integrate with warehouse equipment;
  • ffordable price;
  • ranslation into 96 languages;
  • ulti-user mode, with uniform work of all specialists;
  • ifferentiation of user capabilities to obtain the necessary information;
  • ossibility to choose a design from a wide range of designs presented;
  • ne-time payment for software without monthly payments;
  • he program supports the operation of various modes, both on a computer, a local network server and in the cloud;
  • ossibility of combining all branches and branches;
  • roviding centralized control;
  • he program has a clear and user-friendly interface;
  • uilt-in interactive instructions will help you quickly learn how to use the presented features;
  • raining is provided by specialists free of charge upon purchase of the application;
  • ustomizing quick launch buttons allows users to optimize working time;
  • t is possible to come up with short product codes for the use of operational implementation;

Free download of the drug accounting program

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