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Operating system: Windows
Category: Pharmacy management system

Pharmacy software package

Pharmacy software package

Pharmacy software package

The pharmacy software package allows you to automate production processes, optimizing business resources. The Internet offers a wide selection of programs developed for various fields of activity. As a rule, medication records in a pharmacy were carried out in an Excel spreadsheet, but you must agree that this is not enough for autonomous work and business expansion. An electronic assistant is needed that can not only keep records and calculations, but also analyze demand and sales, see dynamics and build a plan for further action. Modern programs allow automatic accounting, control, management and analysis. In order not to make a mistake with your choice, first of all, you need to test the functionality of the software by downloading the test version. In order not to worry about paying a subscription fee, taking into account the affordable cost and limitless possibilities, as well as to keep records, availability and analysis of goods, you will need a high-tech program. The “Universal Accounting System” program provides control, analysis, management, accounting and warehouse accounting.

The program can integrate with various metering devices, reading devices, and CCTV cameras. Security cameras are connected to the application and transmit video materials in real time. for convenience and optimization of working time, it is possible to read barcodes of medicines, quickly conducting sales, printing receipts and reflecting the data in accounting. Accounting is carried out with integration with the 1C system. Documents, reports, acts and invoices are generated based on available electronic templates and samples. When importing data, it is possible to reduce wasted time and improve the quality of the entered information. Qualitative calculations are made with an electronic calculator, using prices for drugs stored in the nomenclature. the nomenclature will record information on each product name, with code, description, image, cost, VAT, quantity, delivery and expiration dates. Software with a software package for pharmacies will control not only the availability of liquid products, but also expiration dates, promptly processing returns to suppliers or disposing of products.

Software package for pharmacy automation

A software package for pharmacy automation will help attract potential buyers by creating and maintaining a CRM database. The CRM database for counterparties will record up-to-date information on telephone and email addresses, requests, payments, orders and sales. Marketing planning is carried out in a software package for pharmacy automation by analyzing demand and the growth or loss of customers, comparing data for different periods of time. For convenience, the use of charts and graphs is provided. To increase sales, it is possible to synchronize data with the website, allowing customers to place orders remotely. Having pre-registered, clients will see up-to-date information with discounts and bonuses for products in the pharmacy. Selected drug items will be moved to the shopping cart with purchase analysis, reminding customers to complete their pending product purchases. To quickly process sales, it is possible to make non-cash payments. The software allows you to remotely monitor delivery status, interact with large-scale maps, and integrate with GPS Navigators.

The software allows you to monitor and analyze the work of pharmacy employees, keeping track of working hours. Payroll will be calculated based on automatic calculations of total time worked and sales bonuses, reflecting employee data in charts. To optimize working time, it is planned to use a contextual search engine, promptly entering a query and displaying information from a single information repository. Data will be provided on medicines and analogues, on employees and clients, etc. To quickly complete assigned tasks, data exchange between users over a local network is provided. Each employee will be registered under personal credentials, purchasing a licensed version for each work device (mobile phone or computer). Using software, it is possible to automate pharmacy processes by establishing accounting and warehouse records. Inventory will become fast and high-quality, through the use of high-tech equipment, eliminating possible errors inherent in the human factor. Consult with company specialists to learn more about the functionality of the software. Our specialists will also help you choose modules and tools for your type of business activity.

Video of a software package for a pharmacy

Capabilities of a CRM software package for a pharmacy

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • The software is presented in a convenient format, with individual settings for each user;
  • he program can be used in different languages, presented in 96 types;
  • ntegration with high-tech warehouse equipment, it is possible to optimize employee working time and improve work processes;
  • he ability to keep records by reading product codes, as well as by hovering the mouse over the name in the nomenclature;
  • ossibility of settlements in national or foreign currency, entering the exchange rate for products;
  • raphs and diagrams allow you to analyze price changes for a particular product;
  • he cost of the application is affordable and does not include a subscription fee;
  • he multi-user mode ensures that all structural units work in a unified and coordinated manner, providing for data exchange over a local network;

Free download of the pharmacy software package

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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