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Category: Pharmacy management system

Medicines accounting

Medicines accounting

Medicines accounting

Drug accounting in medical institutions is a dominant process. For correct and quick record keeping, as well as control and management of intra-organizational processes, it is planned to introduce specialized software, which today is an integral part of any type of business. There are quite a lot of programs on the market specializing in accounting and control with integrated management; they all differ in functionality, direction, and cost. In order not to fall into the traps of scammers who offer to buy software for free, and then you have to pay ten times more, you should first analyze the market and test the capabilities by downloading a test version of a particular application.

In order to save time and money, we suggest you turn your attention to a specialized automated program from the company “Universal Accounting System”, which is presented at an affordable cost and with limitless potential. The setup is quite easy and accessible even to the most inexperienced user and is suitable for any operating system. The medication accounting application provides for uniform setup and operation of all department specialists, making it possible to exchange data over a local network, saving time on transferring and searching for information. When installed on a working device (mobile phone or computer), the software requests user authorization for further control and analysis of work activities. Thus, the analysis of work activities will be recorded in the working time log of employees of the medical institution, paying wages based on actual calculations of salary and bonuses. This method not only saves time on settlement operations, but also effectively disciplines employees.

Accounting for prescriptions in a pharmacy

Prescriptions in the pharmacy will be recorded automatically in the USU application, in a separate journal. All data on pharmacy clients, prescriptions, medications will be recorded taking into account the appointment, date and time, doctor’s information, etc. All documentation and reporting in the application is created and adjusted in electronic form, promptly completed by importing data from different media. Also, when integrated with various devices, such as a printer, for printing documents and receipts, it is possible to print an act, form, check, etc. In the program, in a separate CRM database, information on patients, suppliers, with full contact information, history of requests, sales of medicines, and payments will be entered and adjusted. For quick communication and provision of information, sending the necessary documentation, it is possible to use SMS and Email messages.

Also, to optimize working time, it is planned to use modern functional solutions. When setting up a telephony PBX, it is possible to display information on the incoming subscriber. In the task scheduler, you can set dates and times for certain tasks that will be carried out automatically by the application. In order to control the legality of all actions of employees of medical institutions, analyzing the quality of customer service, it is planned to install video surveillance cameras with the transmission and storage of information in the database. It has become more convenient to quickly find information on a medicine, on a client or supplier, and on recording prescriptions in pharmacies by entering a query into a contextual search engine. Thus, doctors and pharmacists do not need to learn new names of medicines, reflecting the information in the system. The application will store all information on each item of medicines and analogues, with cost, description, image, information about the manufacturer, etc.

CRM for medication accounting

A CRM system for accounting for medications is necessary for the organized management of an institution. The software allows you to quickly and efficiently process large flows of information, monitor the status of supplies of pharmaceutical products, register, control the storage and dispensing of medicines. The “Universal Accounting System” software can be integrated with high-tech warehouse equipment to quickly read barcodes and reflect information in the database. Thus, the inventory process will be fast and smooth, optimizing the working time of employees. In addition to quantitative accounting of pharmaceutical products, the application will monitor expiration dates, promptly reminding specialists about their sale, return to suppliers or disposal.

In the nomenclature, it is possible to mark medicines with different colors in order to arrange the order of sale of goods from the shortest to the longest period. By introducing software, drug inventory control will be carried out with minimal human influence due to innovative technologies. An automated CRM program for accounting for medications in a medical institution with comprehensive management will be the best solution for quickly achieving the desired results, providing a competitive advantage. The software also provides for accounting with the support of the 1C system, reflecting all financial activities of the business. Calculations using an electronic calculator will be correct, pre-populating the algorithms. The possibility of non-cash payment for medicines and additional medical services is provided. To learn more about the system, its capabilities and get help from specialists in setting up the application and selecting modules, you should go to the website where there are contact numbers for communication.

Video program for medication accounting

Capabilities of a CRM system for medication accounting

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • A program that intuitively adapts to user needs;
  • he application provides for simultaneous work by all users, with data exchange locally;
  • t is possible to add or find a product by code or name;
  • isualization of visual profit dynamics;
  • arehouse accounting is carried out using integration with high-tech accounting devices;
  • t is possible to compare data on pricing changes;
  • he program allows you to calculate the costs of medicines when planning purchases;
  • ocuments and reports are generated using electronic templates;
  • mporting and exporting data is available from different media;
  • elivery of goods indicating addresses on geographic maps;
  • nalysis of the profitability of pharmacies, comparing income and expenses;
  • or clarity, pictures are presented;
  • he company’s specialists will advise and help with the selection of modules;
  • ales are carried out using a barcoding scanner;
  • o attract and retain customers, a bonus system is provided;

Free download of medication accounting software

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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