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Country availability: Open to all countries
Operating system: Windows
Category: Pharmacy management system

Programs for pharmacies

Programs for pharmacies

Programs for pharmacies

Pharmacy programs today are an integral part of business due to high speed of operation, processing and storage of data, comprehensive improvement, success and profit. On the Internet you can find a wide selection of different applications that differ in functionality, but in order not to get a pig in a poke and not fall into the trap of scammers, you should evaluate it before purchasing the program. Evaluation of functionality is usually carried out through a test version, which is provided free of charge by developers. During the test period, you will be able to give an objective assessment with effective work. To purchase a program that is decent in terms of functionality and affordable cost, you should pay attention to the software from the company “Universal Accounting System”. The pharmacy program will become an indispensable assistant for many years, replacing dozens of specialists, with continuous and high-quality work.

Program for pharmacies

The pharmacy program from the Universal Accounting System company adapts to any operating version of Windows. Synchronization of all working devices is also available for a single multi-channel connection of registered users, with comprehensive work on a single task. All employees must go through registration when installing the application on their work device, which will subsequently record the work of each person with the output of monthly calculations for calculating wages based on time worked, sales volumes completed, etc. Locally, all employees will be able to exchange messages, speeding up daily tasks. The pharmacy program automates the process of keeping records of a pharmacy warehouse. By integrating the software with high-tech warehouse accounting devices, it is possible to quickly accept goods, check, inventory and much more. All names of medicines with general information about the manufacturer and shelf life, quantitative and qualitative indicators will be recorded in the nomenclature. Additionally, it is possible to attach an image provided by the manufacturer or received from a web camera.

Program for working in a pharmacy

The program for working in a pharmacy allows you to eliminate employee errors by establishing communication with customers through automated processes. The program allows you to maintain a separate database of clients and suppliers with contact information, history of cooperation (applications, meetings, calls, purchases, etc.), and payments. The program for working in pharmacies allows you to send Email or SMS messages, en masse or selectively, with a pre-compiled text of the letter. Many services block delivery when sending letters in bulk, sending the letters to the spam folder. The program bypasses anti-spam systems and performs its tasks in the best possible way. The program is also equipped with a PBX telephony function, which receives correct information about an incoming call and displays the phone number on the screen. It is also possible to use large-scale maps in order to pre-analyze, build routes and deliver products from suppliers to customers. Remote tracking of couriers' routes is also available when the application is integrated with GPS navigators.

Pharmacy accounting software

The pharmacy accounting program will become more convenient, easier and more harmonious. Automation of all work processes allows you to manage your business comprehensively. Thus, control is carried out by CCTV cameras, reading and transmitting materials in online format. It is possible to keep records and analyze sales of all products, comparing information for different periods of time, storing all information on products, employees and clients, and accounting documents in a centralized storage. Accounting will be automatic, seeing data on availability, demand, and promptly replenishing expiring positions. Registration of documents, filling out forms, acts and other reports is carried out on the basis of electronic templates with samples of completion. Manual control is almost completely reduced to zero. A contextual search engine comes to the aid of specialists in finding the necessary information, which, upon user request, provides data in a matter of seconds. Inventory will be as fast and correct as possible, displaying information not only on quantity, but also on quality and expiration dates. Calculations are performed in a pharmacy accounting program using an electronic calculator, using input algorithms for calculations.

Buy a program for a pharmacy

Buying a pharmacy program is much easier than it seems, but as mentioned earlier, you should choose wisely. Many programs on the market have either limited functionality or exorbitant prices. In order not to face a difficult choice and buy a pharmacy program that has limitless possibilities and a modest pricing policy, visit the website of the company “Universal Accounting System”. When purchasing the program for the USU pharmacy, it is worth noting the free subscription fee and two-hour technical support as a gift. The program operates in multi-channel mode, therefore it is designed for an unlimited number of working devices, with the purchase of a licensed version for each device separately. The program allows you to save not only time, but also financial resources, performing not only management, control and analysis, but also accounting. Accounting is performed with the support of 1C system integration. Thus, there is no need to switch from one program to another to enter or calculate data.

The best programs for pharmacies

The best programs for pharmacies are presented before you. To get advice, just dial the specified phone numbers listed on the website or send a message by email. With the best pharmacy software, there is no need to waste time on routine tasks. Data entry will now be as accurate and fast as possible, transferring information from various sources. Documents and reports are generated using built-in templates based on fill-in samples, in supported Word and Excel formats. Get a unique opportunity to comprehensively automate the operation of a pharmacy network in the form of advanced CMS software. Remember, competitors don't wait. Don’t put off the success and development of your pharmaceutical business until tomorrow; make a decision and take the first step right now.

Video programs for pharmacies

Program features for pharmacies

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • The program is perfect, guarantees automated work at all stages of work;
  • convenient and beautiful interface is customized by each user individually;
  • ranslating and working in the program is available in any of the 96 languages presented;
  • esign may vary based on themes presented;
  • he program provides for comprehensive accounting and centralized control;
  • upports work with various warehouse equipment, automatically performing accounting, acceptance, movement or sale of products;
  • t is possible to work with national and foreign currencies, making calculations at the exchange rate;
  • ultichannel connection involves the exchange of information between registered users over a local network;
  • elineation of user capabilities;
  • inding and reading information on products is possible not only through codes, but also by description of the name;
  • mport and export of data is available;
  • t is possible to deliver goods and work with a geographical map;
  • t is possible to display the status of delivered goods on the map, marking them in different colors;
  • he application allows you to analyze the location of customers and distance from branches;
  • enerating geographic reports for cities and countries;

Free download of the program for pharmacies

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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