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Country availability: Open to all countries
Operating system: Windows
Category: Pharmacy management system

Pharmaceutical programs

Pharmaceutical programs

Pharmaceutical programs

Pharmaceutical programs differ in functionality, pricing policy, data processing speed, and user mode. All programs have pros and cons, and therefore it is worth testing the utility before purchasing. On the Internet you can often find very tempting offers of free programs, but you should understand all the risks. The new generation pharmaceutical program from the Universal Accounting System company deserves special attention. The program can be used in a small retail outlet, or when combining an entire network of pharmacies into a single structure, with the linking of retail equipment. The software can be launched quite easily from a shortcut on the desktop. Configuration settings are configured when installing the application on a working device. A computer, tablet, or phone can be used as a working device. Each working device requires the purchase of a licensed version of the application. Each user will work in a personal account, protected by a password to save confidential data.

For convenience, the software can be used in any of the ninety-six languages provided. Each employee has separate access rights. The main user can see all the functionality with unlimited user possibilities. To customize the interface, you can choose the theme you like, getting more pleasure from your daily work. The most simple module, does not distract and allows you to quickly carry out work processes. The software allows you to use data import, reducing wasted time using a pre-used Excel file. Thus, thousands of items will be quickly displayed in the system, taking into account quantity, code, name, cost. In addition, it is possible to upload an image of medicines so that pharmaceutical company employees do not get confused in the assortment. The picture can be loaded from a file or directly from a web camera. To quickly search for data on a product, as well as analyze analogues, a contextual search engine will be used. The program allows you to quickly generate invoices for the movement of goods between warehouses, combining all warehouse premises.

Pharmaceutical CRM systems

Pharmaceutical CRM systems allow you to display data on customers and suppliers, reflecting sales and mutual settlements. In the pharmaceutical CRM system, it is possible to find the necessary information on the client, reflecting data on products, calculations, and discounts. The information in the CRM system will be contact information for communication, provision of advantageous offers via SMS and Email. USU software, integrated with high-tech warehouse equipment, helps to quickly read barcodes, promptly selling goods. It is also easy to select a product by name. In the application, payments will be made with automatic calculation, reflecting the data in accounting. Cash or non-cash payment is reflected in the application without or with printing of receipts. It is possible to print an invoice for each generated sale. When returning, you can read the barcode on the receipt, quickly performing the operation. The application allows you to sell goods individually by specifying a specific symbol to carry out certain calculations using specified algorithms. The CRM system allows you to see customers and purchases. Buyers will be divided into groups, with an individual price list. Providing discounts stimulates active sales.

Really analyze and build marketing plans. In multifunctional software, it is important to control and encourage not only customers, but also employees to actively work and sell goods. Keeping records of working hours and analyzing sales volumes with the calculation of wages allows you to motivate employees of all departments. Through the program, it is possible to see reports on the demand for goods, divided into groups and subgroups, reflecting visual information for any period of time. Analytical data on stale goods allows you to quickly make management decisions. The planning and forecasting function allows you to analyze goods taking into account daily sales, replenishing stocks in a timely manner. The program can work over a local network or via an Internet connection. In addition to accounting for goods, tools for financial analysis with calculation of income and expenses are provided. Graphs and charts will help you visually analyze the dynamics of expenses and income of financial assets, excluding chaotic spending. The multitasking program automates production processes, ensuring high competitiveness. To obtain expert advice, please contact the contact numbers provided.

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Pharmaceutical Program Opportunities

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • The automated program will improve work processes, replace dozens of qualified employees, increasing capital;
  • ccess for each user will be personal, with an individually created account protected by a login and password;
  • ccess is performed both locally and via the Internet;
  • he multi-user format ensures coordinated work for all users;
  • he application is available in ninety-six languages;
  • o customize the interface, you can choose a theme from a wide range of presented titles;
  • he use of geographic maps will improve the process of delivering goods to customers;
  • nformation on clients will be entered and adjusted in the CRM database;
  • he differentiation of use rights will help ensure the protection of information data from leakage;
  • earch for products in the system, taking into account the reflection of analogues;
  • or visual convenience and perception, it is possible to attach pictures of goods to the nomenclature;
  • ntegration with modern warehouse equipment will help you quickly record, write off, and sell goods;
  • he system allows you to analyze demand for goods, reflecting balances in all warehouses;
  • onsolidation of all structural divisions into a centralized system;
  • ossibility of using a bonus system to attract and retain customers;
  • harts and graphs will help you visually assess the dynamics of sales, income and expenses;

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