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Operating system: Windows
Category: Pharmacy management system

Accounting for medicines

Accounting for medicines

Accounting for medicines

Accounting for medications is necessary for all medical institutions, given the direct impact on people’s lives. Medicines must be not only in one quantity or another, but also in maintained storage conditions, monitoring expiration dates. Given the wide range of medicines from year to year, updated by various pharmaceutical manufacturers, it is difficult to remember all the names, as well as to correctly keep records of all names. Therefore, specialized and automated software from the company “Universal Accounting System” comes to the rescue. The program is easily customizable and suitable for any operating system. The cost is quite affordable, without a subscription fee and with two free hours of technical support. Multifunctionality and multichannel provide for the unified work of employees of all departments of a medical institution. There is no need to waste time searching or transmitting information, everything is quite simple. All working devices will be united into a single network for the rapid exchange of information messages.

Each working device requires an additional purchase of a licensed version. Accounting for medications in the “Universal Accounting System” application will become more efficient. The program allows you to maintain a separate database (nomenclature) with all names of medicines, codes, prices, expiration dates, storage conditions, descriptions, manufacturers. Pharmacists do not need to memorize new names of medicines, finding information by description and seeing analogues with all prices. Thus, patient service will be much faster, with improved quality and increased turnover. An effective accounting method allows medicines to control the purchase, storage and sale of goods. By integrating with high-tech warehouse equipment, it is possible to accept pharmaceuticals. products, inventory. We also control quantitative and qualitative accounting, seeing the expiration dates of each item. In the software for accounting for medicines, it is possible to see all the expenses of medicines, reflecting in the database the data on the employee and the dispensing as prescribed. All processes will be carried out electronically, excluding data falsification and other nuances associated with the human factor.

Medicines accounting system

The drug accounting system automatically performs all accounting processes, freeing employees from routine tasks. Planning of work activities will be carried out automatically in the system, creating work schedules with subject to analysis of work activities. Thus, wages with bonus accruals will be calculated automatically, reflecting the data in the system. The universal system will analyze and control all intra-organizational processes, transmitting video recordings from security cameras in real time. The software allows you to maintain a database of contractors. To increase turnover and sales of medicines, it is possible to carry out online sales, synchronizing data from the product range to the website, where customers can independently select and purchase goods. Payments in the drug accounting system can be made in cash and non-cash form, reflecting all information about the company’s finances in accounting, which, with the support of the 1C system, will be performed directly in the software.

Issuing documents, preparing acts and printing checks will be available in an automatic form, if templates with samples of filling are available. Integration of the application with a printer and scanner allows you to quickly sell and pay for medicines. The system will automatically write off a certain amount with recalculation of balances. The software is multifunctional and allows you to track the status and location of goods on a map of one scale or another, integrating with GPS navigators. Thus, the delivery of products will be tracked by analyzing the timing. The principles of operation of the software are quite simple, but in order to preliminary evaluate the capabilities and get advice from specialists, it is worth going to the USU company website, where there is contact information. The trial demo version is completely free and helps you evaluate the capabilities of the program yourself. After the trial period, the data will be saved for future use during productive work. We will be happy to select for you a personal modular structure for your type of business.

Video program for accounting for medications

Capabilities of a CRM system for accounting for medicines

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • The program is convenient and multifunctional;
  • t is possible to translate the application into any of ninety-six languages;
  • mployees of medical institutions do not need to remember each position; the description will be reflected in the nomenclature;
  • rompt provision of information on each product name and analogues;
  • ntegration with warehouse equipment allows you to quickly record goods, carrying out acceptance and sale with an increase in profits;
  • t is possible to analyze the company’s income and expenses by seeing the dynamics on the charts;
  • he application will remind you of the ending names of a particular position, analyzing demand and sales;
  • elivery with information reflected on geographic maps;
  • entralized control over all pharmacies is available, uniting them into a single network;
  • bonus system is provided to attract and retain customers;
  • t is possible to maintain a database of clients;
  • ork from home, for uninterrupted activity;
  • he program allows you to display information with domestic and foreign suppliers, calculating the purchase price at the exchange rate;
  • he sales price can be calculated automatically in the system, taking into account the markup percentage;
  • he system allows you to see the dynamics of changes in the purchase or sale price of a product;

Free download of the drug accounting program

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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