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Program for an auto parts store

Program for an auto parts store

Program for an auto parts store

Trade in spare parts has its own specifics. Today you can trade them at a physical point of sale and through an online store. You can also have intermediaries and be placed on marketplaces. Whatever format you choose, software for an auto parts store will help you keep records in a professional manner.

This article will discuss a program for an auto parts store developed by USU.

The best program for an auto parts store

The best programs for an auto parts store should have the basic capabilities of managing inventory, sales, customers, finances and other support processes.

The best auto parts store software from USU will help you manage these and other processes.

Auto parts program

USU's auto parts program is easy to manage. You can launch it from a shortcut on the desktop. You can define any number of accounts to work with and access rights to them. The user can be assigned a separate workspace and can select a set of commands for quick access. He can also adjust the workspace to suit himself, transform the position of windows, choose a design, and so on.

If you have several boutiques, then you can keep records for all your departments. In the future, the auto parts program can perform an analysis of the profitability of each division.

Automation program for an auto parts store

In the operation of a retail outlet, the priority area is working with inventory. An auto parts store automation program can handle this.

An unlimited number of warehouses are created in the system. It depends on the needs of the business. Next, information about products is created or imported. Each product on the platform can be described and illustrated in detail.

The USU auto parts store automation program can be used to create an electronic magazine or spare parts catalog. If necessary, this information can be exported.

Auto parts store management

Identification in the system can be carried out in different ways. For example, you can simply enter a product category with a description or use barcodes. You can also use internal system logging. When a new position is posted, a unique number is automatically assigned.

Managing an auto parts store is connected to a warehouse. Any operation can be tracked through the USU: receipt, expense, write-off, movement, and so on. By number, code, name, you can track the entire history of operations by position.

When running an auto parts store, it is inevitable that you will need to take inventory. When integrated with a barcode scanner, this process will proceed very quickly.

Programs for an auto parts store

Programs for an auto parts store have functionality for servicing the sales process. The program for an auto parts store from USU will help you formalize this process and track it. If at a physical point of sale everything is quite simple: a client comes, selects a spare part, makes a payment, transactions are completed and documents are issued.

But in the Internet space everything is more complicated: the buyer sends a request, the order is placed automatically, then delivery is arranged. In this process, you need to monitor so that nothing interferes with the process. The user can track the order, monitor statuses up to settlements with the client.

Auto parts program

Customers are everything in trade; if they are not there, then there is no business either. A modern auto parts program should help manage customer relationships.

The program for auto parts from USU can be used as a CRM. It allows you to maintain databases, create a history of purchases and preferences, and save other information useful for future sales. Very often such information can be useful when it is necessary to introduce loyalty.

Program for trading auto parts

In the program for trading auto parts from USU, you can work with reminders and notifications. You can use personalized messages or simple reminders, mass mailings throughout the entire database.

Auto parts trading software will help you with business analysis. Through the USU you can find out which items are most in demand in your store, which categories have been in warehouses for a long time. Also, thanks to analytics, you can understand seasonality and factors influencing demand.

Programs for ordering auto parts

Programs for ordering auto parts must have control functions. The USU auto parts ordering program will help you control processes at various stages. This can be expressed in the settings of notifications, reminders, and in the form of reports on certain indicators.

Some stores practice delivery to the customer. This process also requires control. Through the USU you can monitor stages, routes and other features of the process. You can also connect integration with maps, and then you can track the courier’s movement directly on the map.

This approach also helps to calculate the most profitable delivery routes. We offer other types of integrations.

Auto parts program

The auto parts program has been translated into different languages, so if you decide to open branches in another country, then you will not have problems taking into account.

You can find other opportunities with us, for example, development (chat bot, mobile application), integration with equipment, cloud server rental, analytics and much more.

Technical support is always available; if necessary, you can order technical support. We would also like to draw your attention to the presence of interactive instructions embedded directly into the platform.

The auto parts program is easy to obtain in a trial version; for this you need to download it from our website. We are always ready to answer your questions. You can order an individual presentation on the system’s capabilities at any time and completely free of charge.

Video programs for an auto parts store

Capabilities of a CRM system for an auto parts store

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • The USU platform helps to efficiently manage parts store operations;
  • n USU you can create electronic catalogs for spare parts;
  • pare parts can be assigned categories;
  • ou can save your purchase history in each customer card;
  • ou will be able to implement a personalized approach when working with consumers;
  • he system can be easily adjusted to store operations;
  • he platform helps manage warehouse operations;
  • hrough the software you can control stock balances;
  • etting up notifications will help avoid stock shortages;
  • he product range can be analyzed for popular items;
  • ou will be able to manage applications;
  • ou can define statuses in the system;
  • SU has been translated into many languages;
  • he software helps analyze business processes;
  • ou can get more information in a personal presentation: send a request for one.

Free download of the program for an auto parts store

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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