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CRM for online store

CRM for online store

CRM for an online store

Today, online stores are very popular; customers perceive them as a convenient and multi-channel shopping format. Therefore, it is not surprising that even with physical points of sale, entrepreneurs reach the level of online presence. They open their own online stores or enter into agreements with marketplaces.

To manage trade, you need to keep records in a special program, including online stores.

CRM for an online store developed by USU can help you keep records effectively. It contains the main capabilities for managing activities.

So, let’s look at the main features of CRM for an online store from USU.

Online store CRM system

The CRM system for an online store from USU primarily allows you to effectively manage relationships with customers. In the program you can create and store cases for clients. They can reflect a variety of information: contact information, preferences, purchase history, returns and other processes.

The peculiarity of the software is that it allows you to save even the most insignificant information: correspondence, calls, commercial offers and more.

In the CRM system of an online store from USU, you can easily carry out segmentation and, based on this, build relationships with each segment. For example, division can occur by geographic location, age, gender, and so on.

CRM system for an online store

The CRM system for the USU online store can be integrated with your own online store or one created using a marketplace.

Analytics is extremely important for online business, since communication with consumers occurs virtually. The CRM system for an online store from USU is rich in analytics. We provide full-fledged sales analysis capabilities. The program mirrors information, even if trading is carried out through the marketplace.

CRM system for an online store

In the CRM system for an online store, you can receive reports on various parameters. For example, you need to analyze a certain product item, you can use the corresponding report. It will show liquidity, turnover, cost, demand for it from clients, seasonality, and so on.

A CRM system for an online store can help analyze time periods, for example, a sales report for a month; you can set a period, even after each transaction, the data will be automatically updated.

Online CRM store

Through the software you can get reports on clients. For example, how active they are, registration of repeat interactions, average bill and much more.

An online CRM store will help improve your marketing campaigns. USU will show you which advertising campaigns are more effective for your audience. The software can also be actively used to launch an email newsletter.

The online CRM store from USU allows you to launch loyalty programs through the platform. You can use various accounting mechanisms for this. Before this, product preferences can be studied based on previously saved personal data. Our system will help you with this.

Through the software you can manage: discounts, promotional codes, bonuses, and create special offers.

ERP for online store

For online trading, it is very important to manage orders effectively. If you work with marketplaces, then when integrating with them you can count on a mirror image of sales information.

With your own online trading, the information will also have a mirror image. ERP for an online store will help you automatically track the receipt and processing of applications. Then it will be possible to track their status and inform clients about them. If you practice delivery, then through the USU you can effectively organize and track it.

ERP for an online store USU integrates with maps - this allows you to track the geographic location of customers, provide delivery support, and respond quickly in case of problems. USU can provide you with a comprehensive ERP approach to case management.

The best CRMs for an online store

The best CRM for an online store should have modern capabilities. They should concentrate functions for full management.

The best CRM for an online store from USU will help you take a comprehensive approach to solving everyday business problems. Through the USU you will be able to manage warehouses and keep their balances up to date. Any operations in the program can be documented.

Working with suppliers, clients, and company employees, all this can be automated and brought to a more professional level.

CRM for e-commerce

CRM for online trading from USU can help provide quality support to consumers. Online consultations can be launched through USU. We can develop a chat bot for you according to the specified characteristics. He will provide consultations around the clock. We also offer integration with equipment and other services.

CRM for online trading from USU can act as a full-fledged solution for managing company processes, or as a highly specialized one; we can select the necessary functions for you upon request.

To get to know our company better, we invite you to visit our website and watch the video for trading. We will organize an individual presentation for you at a convenient time.

USU will help you improve your business.

Video of CRM program for online store

Capabilities of a CRM system for an online store

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • A universal accounting system will help you manage the basic processes of your online store;
  • he system can take into account any quantity of the product range;
  • irectly from the system, you can import product cards into the online store;
  • f you work with trading platforms, you can maintain internal records in the USU;
  • he program will help you analyze your sales;
  • ou will be able to rationally plan warehouse overstocking;
  • he USU will help to properly manage relationships with clients;
  • ou will be able to increase your sales level through better interaction with consumers;
  • ffective sales analytics will help you improve your trading;
  • hrough USU you can launch loyalty programs;
  • ou will be able to evaluate which loyalty programs or advertising have a positive impact on sales;
  • hrough USU you can launch an electronic newsletter;
  • hrough the software, you can easily process orders and applications received in the online store;
  • ou will be able to support all operations with documents, some of them can even be generated automatically;
  • hrough the software resource you can control and analyze all business processes.

Free download CRM program for online store

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