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CRM for online store

CRM for online store

CRM for an online store

In order to open an online store, you need to comply with a number of aspects. They include: technical, organizational and marketing features.

Firstly, you need to have a good technical base. Someone creates their own online store and provides its operation with the financial and technical base. This requires a lot of investment.

Some people prefer to work with marketplaces; this does not require large investments. Everyone chooses the most convenient path for their business.

Next, the online store needs to build proper management of goods and interactions with customers. A CRM for an online store, developed by USU, can help with this.

This CRM has intuitive functions, a user-friendly interface and convenient settings. CRM for an online store will help you create an electronic catalog of your products. In the system you can create databases by product categories, use functions for filtering and searching.

For each product, you can create a separate card with a detailed description. Characteristics, properties, image of the product can be done directly in the program. These cards can be easily exported to marketplaces. This format of work will help avoid filling out product cards twice.

Another important feature of an online store is the effective management of inventory. It is important to monitor their relevance, otherwise there may be orders, but there will be nothing to provide them with.

USU will help you work effectively with goods: plan replenishment based on demand, maintain correct consumption, write-off, and movement of goods. All this can be documented and inventory easily carried out through integration with warehouse equipment.

Analytics will help you prevent excess inventory or shortages. You will be able to assess customer demand by region and profit from them. USU integrates with maps, this allows you to pay attention to the analysis of consumer demand by region and ultimately build appropriate marketing strategies.

Map analysis can also help in delivery management. You can track the optimal routes for delivering goods, monitor the movement of couriers, and respond to unforeseen circumstances in a timely manner.

SRM for an online store

SRM for an online store can solve immediate problems related to sales. USU will allow you to process orders, even automatically. Carrying out implementation in the database, receiving payment, generating documents.

CRM easily integrates with equipment: cash register, warehouse, payment systems. This can greatly simplify operations and increase their speed.

In the course of business, returns, defects, and exchanges of goods may inevitably arise. These operations can be taken into account in the USU.

SRM for an online store can focus on strengthening interactions with consumers. In CRM, you can create cards for clients, save cooperation history, preference data, and more. All this can ultimately be useful in stimulating purchasing power through loyalty programs.

In USU you can implement any loyalty programs: discounts, bonuses, discounts, cashback and more. If necessary, we can even develop custom accrual or write-off mechanisms for you.

Analytics from USU can help track the effectiveness of marketing companies and the use of certain advertising solutions.

When operating an online store, customer information support is very important; for example, this can be expressed in instant answers to frequently asked questions. We are ready to help you with this too. From us you can order the development of a chat bot tailored to the specific features of your online store.

The USU CRM program is easy to work with. We implement interactive instructions into the system, which can be available to the user at any time. Our technical support is also always available. From our side, we could offer you many other possibilities. You can independently study the available materials on our website, for example, a video review on trade accounting. A universal accounting system is an excellent software solution for managing the activities of an online store.

Video of CRM program for online store

Capabilities of a CRM system for an online store

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • Software from USU will help you easily manage the basic processes of an online store;
  • he software will allow you to keep track of the assortment;
  • ou can create separate cards with product photos for all items in the program;
  • f necessary, you can transfer data about products to the marketplace by exporting data;
  • RM USU allows you to effectively manage relationships with consumers of goods;
  • he software can be used for marketing mailings;
  • hrough the USU CRM, you can manage applications and orders automatically;
  • hen working with a product assortment, you can control balances;
  • ith CRM USU you can monitor the relevance of the assortment;
  • n the USU it is possible to carry out segmentation by clients;
  • he information collected in the database can be used to determine consumer preferences;
  • RM is designed for maintaining different types of documents;
  • RM can be used to send automatic replenishment requests to suppliers;
  • he CRM program integrates with various types of equipment;
  • ou can get more information in a personal presentation.

Free download CRM for online store

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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