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Pharmacy automation

Pharmacy automation

Pharmacy automation

Pharmacy automation today is one of the priority tasks for managers. This is because it brings great benefits to business. Let's list them.

Thanks to pharmacy automation, you can increase the speed of service. In this review, we will tell you how automation from USU can improve your pharmacy business. Thanks to the system, you can use a variety of formats to sell goods.

For example, with a small assortment, you can use a standard sales format by selecting a name from the general list and adding the cost for each unit, the final purchase price will be calculated automatically, documents will be generated instantly, all you have to do is print them.

For large volumes today, barcode scanners are actively used. Our system is configured for integration and allows you to process operations online using equipment. You can also work in the system without barcodes, for example, using your own product identifiers. Everything is individual, and we can easily adjust our system to the specifics of your activity.

Pharmacy automation

Pharmacy automation significantly reduces user errors. In the USU, this can be observed when entering indicators or making calculations. Calculations are carried out automatically using established algorithms. Information processing is carried out in real time. For example, a product item is sold, this item is immediately removed from the warehouse, and as a result, the user has up-to-date information on availability.

Through the automation of pharmacies from USU, you can even automatically track how much purchasing and sales prices have changed, how this affects demand, and how much goods there will be enough for sales based on current demand. This can be automatically monitored using a special sensor and graphs.

Automated pharmacy

An automated pharmacy by USU will be more properly stocked. Thanks to the program, you can monitor inventory levels and prevent excesses or shortages.

An automated pharmacy can be equipped with the ability to automatically create orders based on current inventory levels and expected demand.

Pharmacy automation

Automation of pharmacy work allows you to monitor the correct storage and expiration dates of pharmaceutical products. For example, you can register the expiration date in the program and set the software to provide expiration reminders. This way you can avoid losses and sell goods on time.

Automation of a pharmacy’s work with a CMS can be configured to meet certain standards related to accounting legislation. For example, this may concern documents.

Pharmacy network automation

Automation of the pharmacy network can also be implemented through the USU. You can use the software to manage one institution or its network. It does not matter where your branch is located, in what country or city. USU can be installed on a server and used in the cloud.

Thanks to automation of the pharmacy network, it is possible to obtain sales data and estimate sales volumes for each institution. When connecting integration with cards, you can estimate the number of clients and the need to open a new division.

Programs for pharmacy automation

Pharmacy automation software can provide other important benefits. For example, this could be improved customer service, faster order processing, personalized offers, loyalty programs. For example, the USU program can analyze the history of purchases and preferences.

Pharmacy automation software from USU will help you save your resources; this can be achieved by reducing the number of personnel. Employees can manage their working time more effectively and not waste it on routine processes.

Other benefits of automation from USU include deep analytics and access to up-to-date data. All this together allows you to make more informed management decisions.

Analytics of indicators allows you to evaluate activities from different angles and identify weaknesses. You'll also gain a greater competitive advantage by leveraging new technologies and delivering better customer service.

You can still list the benefits, but it’s better to experience them firsthand. Download your free trial now.

Video programs for pharmacy automation

Capabilities of a CRM system for pharmacy automation

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • USU offers the most modern capabilities for pharmacy automation;
  • he program can be used to manage one institution or an unlimited number of branches;
  • he program can carry out sales operations using barcodes and appropriate equipment;
  • nvoices can reflect the cost even in foreign currency;
  • he user's workspace can be customized based on their preferences;
  • n invoices for sales, you can use a picture of the product, you can also use the classic document format;
  • hrough the software, you can build high-quality work with clients;
  • hrough the program you can fully manage inventory;
  • he USU will show at what level the quantity of goods is in proportion to demand;
  • ou will be able to control warehouse overstocking;
  • he program can be used in 96 languages;
  • hen working with branches, you can evaluate each institution's contribution to total revenue;
  • sers can be assigned rights in the system;
  • e offer loyal conditions for cooperation;
  • free trial version is available for download.

Free download of pharmacy automation software

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