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CRM for rent

CRM for rent

CRM for rent

Rent is one of the main areas in the service and maintenance sector. In order to properly manage this type of activity, modern managers use CRM for rentals. In this review we will tell you about the software solution from USU.

CRM for rentals combines two main components: rental accounting and high-quality interaction with clients. CRM is a specially developed software solution. The main goals of such a solution are to effectively manage real estate rentals, optimize operations, and maintain close relationships with clients. Using the system makes processes transparent and predictable.

CRM system for rent accounting

The CRM system for lease accounting from USU helps you work with a wide variety of lease types. We select functionality for your business based on your needs. For example, if you need accounting for real estate rentals, then in the program you can create databases on objects, clients, keep timely accruals, generate invoices, documents, and organize mailings.

A CRM system for rental accounting can also be useful for rentals, for example: cars, clothes, tools and much more. There are no boundaries for us; we can automate rental accounting in any direction.

SRM rental

CRM rental from USU performs important functions for managing contacts and clients. The system can maintain databases of both tenants and landlords. SRM will help to save all the necessary information on the history of interaction with clients.

If necessary, rental CRM can be used for customer segmentation and further implementation of marketing campaigns using mailings.

CRM rental

CRM rental helps you easily manage real estate and rental objects. In the program, you can create cards for each object and enter their characteristics into them, for example: area, price, geographical location and other features.

The program itself is very convenient to track the status of an object. For example, by looking at the registry, the user will understand whether an object is free or not, is under repair, and so on. In the system, different statuses can be highlighted in color. So an employee, giving advice over the phone, will be able to very quickly navigate the occupancy of objects. This format can be applied to hourly, daily and monthly payment types.

Rental CRM may have other functions. For example, through the USU you can automate the process of booking and concluding contracts, you can effectively manage rental terms, set up software for automatic notifications through the desired service (SMS, messenger, voice message, and so on).

CRM rental

CRM rental is directly related to financial management. Here we have: bills, payments, receipts. In CRM, you can generate invoices automatically and send them out. You can also track payments and remind about late payments or debts. Automation can be configured to provide automatic notifications.

Renting a CRM should have the ability for good analytics, and the USU company provides it. For example, through the program you can analyze: income, costs, occupancy of real estate, demand for a particular type of housing. Marketing analytics will show which type of advertising was most effective in attracting customers.

The software allows you to monitor key performance indicators. If necessary, you can even launch a customer support service through the USU. This type of service can be obtained upon request.

Now we will tell you about the additional capabilities of USU. For example, you can work with a summary report; it will reflect the most important information about your clients. You can generate a report for a group or for all clients in general. In the system you can work with a single payment center, you can work with telephony, and data import.

In the program you can work with warehouse accounting and define work orders. For expenses, track in detail the costs of materials for repair work. You can also maintain managerial financial accounting. In this review we have indicated only some of the possibilities, we invite you to visit our official website and get more information. To understand the functions and operating principles of the system, we suggest downloading a free trial version.

Video of CRM program for rent

Capabilities of a CRM system for rental

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • CRM for leases from USU can be used to account for any type of lease;
  • ou can carry out accounting by the hour, day or month;
  • n the USU you can easily keep records of your client base;
  • ou can save the entire history of cooperation in the software;
  • n the software, you can create an entire database of rental properties;
  • n the property card you can see all the features of the rental property;
  • ou can maintain contracts in the system;
  • he software is very easy to use, it works quickly and efficiently;
  • hen working with payments, you can automatically make accruals for the current month;
  • f problems arise with payments and there is a need to charge penalties, the USU can do this without much difficulty;
  • he software allows you to work with an automated cashier station;
  • n USU you can work with personal accounts and use a barcode scanner;
  • or each participant, you can generate a reconciliation report;
  • hrough the system, you can generate various types of reports, generate and print receipts in bulk;
  • ur company is ready to offer you many more opportunities.

Free download CRM software for rental

Below are the download links. You can download the software presentation in PowerPoint format and demo version free of charge. Moreover, the demo version has a function of limitation: by time of use and functionality.

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