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Category: Pharmacy management system

Accounting in pharmacies

Accounting in pharmacies

Accounting in pharmacies

Accounting in pharmacies is extremely important, taking into account compliance with storage rules, including temperature and light conditions, proper quantities, etc. Today, no one has any questions about what can help in keeping records of a particular type of business, because everything has been transferred to electronic format. In order to comprehensively automate the work of the pharmaceutical business, it is worth paying attention to the “Universal Accounting System” software, which has an affordable price, free subscription fee and wide functionality. The USU program for accounting in a pharmacy is the undisputed leader in the market. Using the application, you can quickly establish accounting, management, control, with analysis of the demand and sale of medicines.

Accounting in a pharmacy

Accounting in a pharmacy using the “Universal Accounting System” software will become better and faster. All data will be stored in a centralized storage with large memory and unified access for all employees. The pharmacy accounting application will help you quickly achieve the desired results by processing impressive amounts of information data, importing materials from various sources and saving documents and reports in Word or Excel formats. The software allows you to maintain warehouse and accounting records, automating daily processes. Inventory accounting is performed many times faster when the application is integrated with high-tech reading devices. Thus, acceptance, shipment, checking and inventory of goods is carried out automatically by a barcoding scanner and a data collection terminal, promptly entering quantity and quality indicators into the nomenclature. Therefore, all items will always be taken into account, with the possibility of automatic replenishment when analyzing product liquidity.

Pharmacy accounting

Pharmacy accounting should also be carried out on employees, monitoring work processes and the quality of execution of assigned tasks. all employees will be individually registered in the system, under personal accounts with a security access code. Working devices for work will be synchronized so that users can easily quickly communicate and exchange data and messages over the local network. In the program, each employee will be recorded with full control, reflecting in the working time logs the total number of hours worked and completed work plans. Calculation of wages, bonuses, and write-offs will be automatic, eliminating errors and dissatisfaction. Monitoring work processes, as well as customer attendance at pharmacies, is available when installing and transmitting video materials in real time from security cameras. It is planned to use modern digital solutions for automated accounting in the pharmacy, for reading data and identifying individuals.

Accounting and reporting in a pharmacy

Accounting and reporting in a pharmacy will become as accurate as possible with the implementation of the Universal Accounting System software.” Generating reporting documentation in electronic form is easier and faster, eliminating errors, by automatically filling in the required fields with data. Samples and templates will help you quickly create and fill out materials, keep records, and report in pharmacies. Integrating the application with various accounting devices, printers and scanners allows you to improve the accounting process in pharmacies. All names of the pharmacy chain's products will be entered and adjusted in the nomenclature, reflecting quantity, item code, cost, including VAT, expiration dates, picture and description. By scanning the product code with a barcoding scanner, pharmacy employees will be able to quickly serve the client, printing receipts for payment on a printer and reflecting the data in accounting automatically. Calculations with an electronic calculator are accurate and fast, using input algorithms for calculations. A system of discounts and bonus points is provided using discount cards.

Pharmacy accounting

Pharmacy accounting is carried out directly in the USU program when interacting with the 1C system. There is no need to waste time and switch from one system to another, transfer data, calculate and perform unnecessary procedures. All processes will be executed once for additional work to be done later. Payments can be accepted in the application in any convenient form, providing for cash and non-cash payments. It is also possible to increase sales volumes by posting information on the website (online store). Customers will be able to independently familiarize themselves with the range and cost of medicines and other goods, make an order and pay. The pharmacy accounting program provides for the use of large-scale maps, building routes and calculating delivery times and costs. Orders will be placed automatically, recording the number, time and date, monitoring the progress status until delivery. To improve service and attract more customers, it is planned to build marketing strategies, as well as send messages to receive feedback with an assessment of service.

Pharmacy log books

Pharmacy logbooks allow you to analyze data on the work of staff and customer requests. The application will generate and update information on counterparties. The automated complex allows you to run algorithms taking into account any parameters. The software allows you to automatically perform accounting, control, management, and analyze data over different periods of time, presenting the data in graphs and charts. Displayed information on products, expiration dates and barcodes in pharmacy logbooks allows you to eliminate downtime. The reflected data, marked in different colors in the accounting journals, allows you to provide information to the pharmacist on the goods that need to be sold first. Thus, sales will be carried out in order, controlling expiration dates by grouping and sorting medicines.

Accounting for a pharmacy

Accounting for a pharmacy with a specialized complex of automated business management will help achieve the desired results in a short time. It is possible to maintain unified accounting of pharmacies located in a single network, reflecting sales supplies, maintaining unified accounting and warehouse records. Through comparative analysis, it is possible to analyze the sales dynamics in a particular pharmacy. As you improve your warehouse inventory efficiency, you'll notice cost savings. To evaluate the provided capabilities yourself, quickly go to the USU website and download the test version, completely free. Our specialists will help not only with advice, but also with the selection of modules and tools that are suitable for your business.

Video programs for accounting in pharmacies

Capabilities of a CRM system for accounting in pharmacies

The following list represents some features of Special Software. Depending on the configuration of the software, a list of features may vary.

  • The software has a pleasant and accessible interface;
  • entralized management and control improve business performance;
  • ossibility of combining all departments and branches for convenient accounting, control and management;
  • earch for products by barcodes and names, reflecting information on all products in the range;
  • nteraction with warehouse equipment will help to receive, move, write off and sell products;
  • ork is performed from offices and from home;
  • etting up the language bar;
  • ser interaction via internal network;
  • ach employee will log into the application through a personally created account;
  • eparation of user capabilities;
  • urchasing products from foreign manufacturers involves mutual settlements in foreign currency, calculating the cost at the exchange rate;
  • asy search for any product and analogue;
  • elivery of goods indicating addresses on geographic maps;
  • he system will control the delivery of goods, reflecting information on orders with highlighting of one color or another;
  • t is possible to visually analyze the dynamics of profit;

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